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Tuesday, May 3, 2011



2.8 gms for INR 375

Company Says:- Creamy gel type allows to draw a smooth clean line without crease. Customized eye line brush allows lines to be drawn as desired from fine to thick.
The creamy gel texture dries quickly after application.
Long lasting Water-proof and smudge-proof formula that resists sweat, tears, and water.
Comes with exclusive eye line brush

Top Swatch 1 swipe & Bottom Swatch 2 swipes
My Opinion:- Eyeliners are a great way to define and highlight the eyes. The face looks brighter when the eyes are lined. I cannot do without eyeliners and have been using Lakme, Oriflame and Revlon eyeliners since many years now. This is my first eyeliner from Maybelline and I bought it last year but didn't use much of it since I was using 2 other eyeliners. This gel eyeliner comes in a tiny glass tub with a screw-in lid, very cute =D It is fragrance free and at first application I was a happy girl. Since I am used to applying eyeliner with extra brush, I had no problem with the brush that came along with it. The brush is soft and very nice since it allows full control on the fine-ness or thickness of the line and also the style of the line.

                       These days I am using it daily and loving it very much. I have sensitive eyes and I don't use liquid liners on my waterline, but when I tried this gel liner on my waterline, I was very much satisfied. The liner stayed on for a long time before fading off gradually. It is intense black and doesn't smudge of fade, nor does it budge from its place unless I remove it with my Avon Eye Makeup Remover, face washes don't seem to help much in this case since some residue is left behind. This gel liner doesn't melt in hot conditions when I am sweating, also it stays on my oily lids without primer or powder. One of the best eyeliners I have ever used.

Pros:- Affordable, cute and travel friendly packaging, all claims made by the company are true.

                     I rate this product 5 out of 5. I am loving it and creating different styles daily :D Thanks to Maybelline for this fabulous gel liner.
***Sorry for the bad quality pics, my cam is not working***


Karishma said...

i have seen my friend use it and yes i agree with you it is great and economical too. i also like its brush. even i cant do without eye liners!!

Karishma said...

thankz a load beautydiva!1 i am supadupa happy !!

Hungover on Fashion said...

hey thanks for dropping by..i'll follow back :)

Izzah Beverly said...

I seldom uses maybelline, but so gonna try it next time :).. After all, eye liners is one of women's bestfriend :P

I'm following your blog cause you're awesome :D.. You can follow me back if you want ;)

Unknown said...

I have this too.. I guess I shd dig it out.. hardly use it :)

beautydiva said...

@ginger- thanks ginger. Its awesome...use it once and you will love it. You got a nice blog :)

beautydiva said...

@hangoverfashion- thanks and welcome. You got a nice blog :)

beautydiva said...

@izzah- thank you very much. I am surely following you back :)

beautydiva said...

@tanveer- its 1 of the best i have ever used, i had it since long but never used it and when i did i just love it. thanks :)

Renisha said...

thanks for following & def. following u back

beautydiva said...

@barbie- thank you :)

Unknown said...

Cute blog! Loved it!
I am already a follower, can you follow me too, please??
Follow the twitter @_justforgirls too, please?
Kisses and regards!!
Alice Dias

Ezzy said...

wow i have been planning to use the brown one for a long time. thanks for the review.
do join my 100 followers giveaway here:


beautydiva said...

@alice- thank you very much. I will follow you back :)

beautydiva said...

@ezzy- thanks alot. I will surely join your giveaway :)

Dark Circle Treatments said...

the gel leaves a smooth and clean surface after applying and that's whats the best part of it.

beautydiva said...

@Dct:- I am in love with this eyeliner right now. My cousin got me the plum one from abroad but I lost it somewhere after a few days :( Thanks for your comments :D

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