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Thursday, May 19, 2011


                If you think you have no need for seeds think again. That's where life comes from and also the nurturing that is required much later. Seeds perform big deeds =D  Agricultural scientists and Unani practitioners say that almost all seeds have some medicinal qualities. But few of them have very powerful healing properties in them.

               Watermelon Seeds:- Watermelon seeds are excellent vigour boosters for men and women. They cleanse the kidneys and help in kidney related problems. They also strengthen the organ. Sipping a concoction of watermelon seeds regularly induces sleep in insomniacs. The liquid also helps people suffering from a thickening of walls of lungs and severe stomachaches. The Arabs most probably owe their robust health to this fruit. They not only eat watermelon but also eat its seeds.

              Cucumber Seeds:- If you are suffering from PMS, don't worry help is at hand. A concoction of cucumber seeds taken on a regular basis proves useful for women with irregular periods. The seeds regulate menses. Cucumber Seeds act as a good medicine for urinary infection too. They are also wonderful for controlling high fever, high blood pressure, dry cough and acidity related problems. The concoction is said to solve blocked urine problems, which occur due to infection. On the whole, cucumber seeds cool down your body.

              Raisin Seeds:- Indigestion problems vanish with raisin seed potions. There are cases of persons suffering from chronic loose motions. Such people need raisin seed powder. They should take 1/4th spoon raisin seed powder with honey regularly. The loose motions come to a stop and the intestine is strengthened.

                Mango Seeds:- Mango seeds taken from the dried nut is an excellent medicine for girls who suffer from painful menstruation with excessive bleeding. If you want to break the circle of overflow, take 1/4th spoon of mango seed powder with honey. Follow it up with a glass of warm water.

               Pomegranate Seeds:- Pomegranate seeds and skin are full of medicinal values. A concoction made out of this fruit's seeds is remarkably effective against bouts of diarrhea and vomiting with dangerous traces of blood in them. It smoothens the irritable bowel.

               Bottle-Gourd (Lauki) Seeds:- Children suffering from memory loss and excessive tiredness should be given a concoction of dhoodi seeds. This liquid is also known as Dhukmay kadi by Unani practitioners. The cooling properties of these seeds will help reduce exam tension by cooling down the body. Applying the oil of the seed induces sound sleep. This soothing concoction helps reduce the unhealthy, sometimes smelly, white discharge in women. It strengthens the brain cells, reduces swelling in the lungs, reduces hypertension, acidity and urinary infection.

                      Fenugreek Seeds:- Try methi seeds with curd or water when severe stomach pains hit you. Daily consumption assures you of glossy. silky, shiny, lustrous hair. Be cautious if you suffer from asthma. Because of its cooling properties, it may not suit you. Consult a doctor before starting the treatment.

Preparing a Concoction:-

     Take a teaspoonful of the seed and boil it in a glass of water till the water reduces to half. Strain the seeds and grind them in a mixie. Add the boiled water and again strain through a clean, white muslin cloth. Simple and eminently soothing. Try it.


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beautydiva said...

@asta- thank you so are my 100th follower. I will follow you back :D

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

very informative post..hey i love cucumbers...write more posts for skin.

beautydiva said...

@rakhshanda- thank you dear. Yes I will put up some more tips very soon :)

David Richy said...
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Advin Charles said...

Fruits seeds are very beneficial for health. Seeds are good for fast reduce weight. It is improve your body cells. Seeds are improve skin problem.


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