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Monday, May 16, 2011


Wella Kolestint Colour Creme- 5/5 Medium Mahagony Brown

1 pack for INR 519

Available in 12 stunning shades:-
Dark Brown
Medium Brown
Light Brown
Medium Golden Brown
Light Golden Brown
Darkest Burgundy
Medium Mahagony Brown
Exotic Red
Darkest Brown

Wella suggests that you read the instruction properly before starting the coloring procedure. The leaflet contains * Safety Instructions * Skin Allergy Test Instruction * Special Cautions * Strand Test

Company Says:-



To Use:- 

Looks like this after mixing

After coloring
Before coloring
My Opinion:- I love to color my hair with deep rich colors to brighten it. So when Wella sent me 2 packs I was a happy girl. I chose Medium Mahagony Brown today and applied as instructed. I hate the smell of most hair colors but this color didnt smell yuck after mixing and after applying it was nearly fragrance-free and to sit with the color on for 40 mins was a good experience. I had done the allergy test just before I previewed Kolestint and I came out without any reactions :D So I moved on to doing the Strand Test and my hair strand took around about 40 mins to show up the color I had fancied. It came out a rich mahagony so I proceeded to color my full head. The first step as suggested by the company, I applied the Pre-Coloration Treatment and waited for a couple of mins for it to work on my hair. Then I applied the color creme (mixture of equal quantities of color creme and developer) which was a funny orange, all over my hair and comb through a couple of times.

                        It is very creamy and didnt drip and spoil my clothes or stain my skin. It wasnt wet but creamy like when I use a creamy hair mask on my hair, I liked this quality very much. When my time came for rinsing, my hair lathered well when I added a little water to my hair. Then I rinse untill the water came clean and trust me it didnt take a lot of time. I used the Intensive Shine Treatment which is a rich conditioner with a very sweet floral fragrance, waited for 2-3 mins so that the conditioner gets to work on my hair. A little more rinsing and I was done :) Now I was scared that my scalp will itch, which happens whenever I color my hair. But there isn't any kind of itching till now. My hair is behaving well without a serum and is soft and silky to the touch. The best part is that not even a single hair fell while applying as well as during washing. I color is intense and rich and you can see the results on my hair.
With Color on

Pros:- no hairfall, no itching, no overwhelming smell, affordable and showed good results

Cons:- none as of now but I will update after 15 days again.

                  I will rate this product after 15 days when I update you about the condition of my hair. But I definitely suggest you girls to go check it out as there are 12 shades available in this range. And yes, as of now my hair is behaving well without a serum for the first time :D


indianmakeupways said...

the color does look great on u! plz do an update too. dont forget :)

beautydiva said...

@anju- thank you hun. I will surely update after 15 days and post a few more pics :D

swati said...

m gonna try it today :) same color!!!

beautydiva said...

@swati- ohh great. Do share the results with us. Wish you happy coloring :)

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