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Sunday, May 15, 2011


                         Using conditioners is a must. Curd, milk, egg, henna, oil and beer make excellent homemade conditioners. Before shampooing, massage them on to the hair, or mix with henna. Beer can be used as a final rinse. Readymade cream-based conditioner is different though. After shampooing, apply cream conditioner all over hair but not scalp. Comb hair for 5 mins and rinse off thoroughly with water.

                       If you have a few grey hair, never pluck them. Remove them permanently with the permanent hair removal method.

                      For persistent scalp diseases, don't rely on home treatments, consult a doctor immediately.

                     Whats 'in' today goes 'out' tomorrow but certain hairstyles never go out of fashion. Like scanty hair can be trimmed down to a fluffy layered blunt cut.

                   If you are preparing herbal oil at home, use fresh herbs and leaves like mint, curry leaves, coriander, neem, tulsi, bhringraj, brahmi, henna leaves and rose and jasmine petals and flowers. It adds medicinal and antiseptic value to your oil.

                   If you decide to perm or tint your hair, for best results stop using henna 2 months prior to the treatment.


Anonymous said...

mam i feel my hair roots dry and i dont have sufficient hair volume please suggest me home made tip

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