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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


                  Start the day with morning walk so that you come in contact with the fresh cool morning air.

                 Summer bathing is a great way to keep cool. Just before bathing massage legs, hands, chest, neck, shoulders and the back with light strokes using a moisturising body lotion. Better use a water based lotion for this purpose.

                  Now bathe in tepid water, stand in the shower and relax for awhile. Use a light floral shower gel or body wash, avoid glycerine based soaps/washes in the summer. Now wash yourself in cool water and then finish off with tepid water. Pat your body dry.

                Now use a good quality antiperspirant on underarms. Dab a dash of cologne on your nape, hands, legs, knee, chest and back or simply use a good deo.

                Now sprinkle light floral talc on feet to avoid smelly feet. Also sprinkle talc on shoulders, neck, chest and back.

                Repeat the use of cologne or deo during the course of the day as and when you like.

                Touch up your makeup once in the day to keep yourself looking fresh. Use minimum makeup and if you have to use then always use powder makeup products.

                During the hot days avoid starchy food like rice, potato and fried food. Also avoid sweets, chocolates and pastries.

                Drink lots of water and eat plenty of water based fruits and vegetables like cucumber and watermelon.

                 Keep green plants around yourself so that you feel cool and fresh all the time.


Anonymous said...

hey that was a cool post hehehe...

beautydiva said...

@rashmi- thanks :)

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