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Saturday, April 23, 2011



4.8 gms for INR 600 (approx)

Company Says:-

¤ Rich, beautiful color looks freshly applied for upto 12 hours

¤ Patented Colorstay technology delivers crease-proof, fade-proof, smudge-proof wear

¤ Powder glides for silky smooth, blends effortlessly for seamless color

* Fragrance Free * Ophthalmologist tested * Suitable for contact lens wearers.

To Use:-

1. Apply one or both mid-tones on lid and blend

2. Use deepest shade to contour in crease or to softly line eyes with pointed tip applicator

3. Use lightest shade to highlight brow-bone

Key Ingredients:- Boron Nitride, Nylon-12, Titanium Dioxide, Mica

Available in 19 quads:-
1. Steel Impressions
2. Gem & Jewels
3. Azure Mist
4. Starlight
5. Wildflower
6. Sunrise Sunset
7. Silver Fox
8. Copper Spice
9. Coffee Bean
10. Neutral Khakis

11. Sandstorm
12. Blushed Wines
13. In The Buff
14. Sterling Rose
15. Berry Bloom
16. Sultry Smoke
17. Priceless Metals
18. Lavender Meadow
19. Nude Elements

Swatches of Blushed Wines

My Opinion:- These are my first eye shadows outside Oriflame. I started with Oriflame's Vision Duo eye shadow as a 16 year old and used it for many a years. When I first saw these, i liked them very much and I ended up buying 05 Blushed Wines. I love this shades in this quad so much that I started using it on a daily basis and now I am on my second quad of 05 Blushed Wines.

Swatches of Berry Bloom

          My lids are on the oilier side and I need to use a primer/base to keep eye shadows in place. But these eye shadows stay on for 5-6 hours without primer and creases a little thereafter. But with primer these stay on my lids for a much longer period without creasing. But I have noticed that without a base the colors tend to change a bit after a few hours since my lids are oily. I love these shadows because they stay put till I remove them, they don't fade.

             The eye shadows spread well and blends into each other or other shadows very easily. I am annoyed with 'fall outs' and these quads are no exception. But then we see 'fall out' in nearly all eye shadows. So this problem is negligible.

           The applicators are basically useless and after a single wash they were gone :P Hope Revlon hears this and improve the quality of the applicators. Right now I have 2 quads namely- 05 Blushed Wines and 10 Berry Bloom. Blushed Wines is a brownish quad and Berry Blossoms is a pink-smoky quad. I can create a number of looks with these shades.

           You need good eye shadow brushes to create your looks as the applicators doesn't help much. I have sensitive eyes and I never had problems with these shadows as they are non-irritating and Ophthalmologist tested. All the claims made by the company are true and I love these quads.

Pros:- Easy to carry, stays fresh, lid is see-through hence easy to find, comes in quads

Cons:- Applicators are good for nothing, pricey

                         I rate this product 4 out of 5. I have been using these for many years now and I still have 2 nearly full quads. Must buy for all eye shadow lovers.


Rakhshanda said...

so pretty shades...especially pink..thanks for sharing. do a look with them.

beautydiva said...

@rakhshanda- yes pink 1 is the prettiest of all. Surely will do a look especially for you in a couple of days. But you do up some gorgeous them all. Thanks :)

bhumika said...


beautydiva said...

@bhumika- thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I love these :D....... Bad news for me is u don't get revlon eyeshades in here lol....

beautydiva said...

@shugra- too bad dear.but these are too good. thanks :)

Nivedita said...

Hey, one palette common with me!! I so love then

beautydiva said...

@nivedita- yup good palettes, me also love them

Tanveer Parmar said...

They both look really nice.. will try them out :D

beautydiva said...

@tanveer- thank you and you will be happy when you try them out :)

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