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Thursday, April 28, 2011



1 Unit for INR 100

Company Says:-

My Opinion:- Sharpeners are an important beauty tool. Can anyone of us imagine lining our eyes or lips with a blunt tipped pencil?? Impossible!!! This is where we need a good quality sharpener. Also there is an array of pencils available today- crayons, regular wooden one, slim pencils and some fat ones. So we need sharpeners for regular slim pencils as well as for the fat pencils. Here let me tell you all one thing- I tried many a times to use a regular sharpener to sharpen my cosmetic pencils but always failed :(

But Lakme duo sharpener is just the right one with 2 sharpeners attached together. This sharpener works for all kinds of pencils and gives a pointed tip for precise definition. The blades are German made and are very sharp indeed. Not much product is wasted since the tips of pencils are safe with this sharpener. I have also come across a pencil which refuses to get sharpen by this sharpener, it is the regular Lakme Kajal Pencil :P :D Very funny but its true.

Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks, the fat pencils from the latest Lakme Fantasy Collection has given problem to a couple of girls when sharpening but I could easily sharpen mine ones with this sharpener. Actually I believe a good quality sharpener is a beauty necessity rather than a tool or equipment.

                      I rate this product 4.75 out of 5. I don't think I will need to buy another piece in the near future. But when I do feel the need to buy a new sharpener I will try Faces or Oriflame or Avon because I would prefer experimenting with sharpeners.


Rentu said...

i have this, and i love it

beautydiva said...

@rentu- agree with you. Thanks :)

Poohkie said...

I really like this a lot. But I don't know about the cost! I bought it when it was Rs. 17 !!!

beautydiva said...

@poohkie- hehe rs 17??? See now it costs 100 bucks, too bad that lakme has hiked its price this much :/ Thanks for letting me know dear :)

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