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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Slick Lip Tips

                  Lips have no oil glands of their own, which makes them extremely  prone to chapping and cracking in the cold weather. So take extra care to protect them by wearing a moisturizing lip balm. Don't apply lipstick to chapped lips, it will dry them more. Here are a 5 tips to have slick lips.
                Take a tsp of honey and 2 tsps of almond paste or powder, mix well and apply on lips. Leave on for 5-10 mins and gently scrub off. Dip a cotton ball in warm water and clean off.
               Take 1 tsp lemon juice, 1 1/2 tsp of sugar granules and 2 tsps of glycerin, mix well and apply on lips. Leave on for 5 mins and scrub off gently. Now clean off with a clean cotton ball dipped in warm water.
          Take 1 tsp each of almond oil and coconut oil, 5-7 drops of sandalwood oil and 2 tsps of glycerin, mix well and store in a small jar. Use on your lips atleast 4-5 times a day. Leave on or clean off with damp cotton ball after 15 mins.
          Mix together 1 tsp fresh milk cream with 1/2 tsp of honey on your lips daily to prevent chapping.
         Make a lip balm by yourself at home by mixing together 1 tbsp each of coconut oil and vaseline and few drops of lemon juice. Store in a small air tight jar and use on your lips several times a day. This lightens your lips and keeps them chap free.
             Always prime your lips before applying lipstick and I recommend using a good quality lip brush to apply lipsticks on your lips. Always use a good quality lipstick that suits you and at all times apply lipbalm or vaseline. I use Lotus lip balm (cocoa butter), it works great for me also Oriflame Tender Care is another good lip balm.


Christine said...

Hi :)
Great advice, i have to try this out :)

x Christine

beautydiva said...

Thanks BAbe, try it out and lemme know :)

.. said...

woow m gonna try this thankz 4 sharing !

Beautydiva said...

Thanks babe... Wc

Anonymous said...

hey baby can i get ure numba 4 more advices

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