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Thursday, July 25, 2013


1 Unit for INR 475

Colorbar Says: - Calling all fashionistas to add some fun to every beauty job that needs to be done. Colorbar Accessories - on serious beauty-duty all day, so you can stay fabulous at work and play. Get, set, gorgeous!

Blush Brush: Look no further if you've been searching for that happy blush you get when your heart's been racing! This perky pink brush applies just the right bit of color to take every skin tone from drab to fab in a flash.

How To Use: Stroke the brush over color, smile and brush across the apples of your cheeks working outwards. Lightly dust over the high points of your face for that cheeky glow! Gently clean the brush by washing with mild shampoo and cold water, rinse and leave to air-dry. 

My Opinion: - Now comes the review of the Keep Blushing Blush Brush which too has the same white chubby handle, shiny black ferrule and bright pink bristles. This one is very similar to the First Impressions Powder Brush, just the bristles are shorter and rounded. The shape of the brush is curved and the bristles are a little over an inch. This brush too comes in a reusable black shiny zip-lock pack which doubles as a brush guard. And then same story continues......

Here again the pretty bright bristles are scratchy at the very beginning. But upon washing this brush again and again many many times it has soften to some extent but then not to the point of softness. Though this brush is easy to wash and dries fast, say overnight, it looks frayed after it dries. I have to use a brush guard from another brush to keep it in shape and only that can get the bristles to a manageable position. But after that it is back to normal and works well. Ohh yes the bristles as in all the other brushes is synthetic. This brush sheds a few bristles only on the first wash and after that it never shed till date. But like the powder brush it also bleeds and makes the water pink.


Now coming to the functionality to this blush brush, this brush is dense as well as fluffy but to the right extent. It picks up the right amount of blush and deposits on my skin. The blending is also of average level, nothing very special but it blends the blush quite well into my skin. If you swirl this brush over a pan of blush you will see a lot of loose product thereafter in the pan as the rough bristles will dig into the soft blush. Also due to this factor you need to use this blush brush with a very light hand or you might get overdone cheeks.


The brush handle is chubby and therefore it is quite easy to handle, actually the entire make up of the brush is very attractive. It seems Colorbar has not given much thought into the making of these brushes as much as they have paid attention to their packaging. The Vega Brushes, Oriflame Brushes come with a lesser price tag and are much better than these Colorbar Brushes. And then The Body Shop Brushes are so much better but a little more pricey than these ones. These brushes are good for newbies actually, they are good to practice with and to learn techniques with. But for us, bloggers or girls who apply blusher on a daily basis and have been using  Sigma, TBS,Coastal Scents, Vega, Oriflame and now recently the Real Techniques Brushes, it is difficult to say much good things about these Colorbar Brushes.


* Affordable & Easily Available

* Attractive Packaging

* Sturdy handle helps in good grip

* Densely packed bristles are fluffy, which helps in picking up right amount of product

* The Brush shape is curved and rounded, this makes the blending convenient

* Shedding during first wash only


* Bristles are frayed & loose their shape after washing

* Bleeds upon washing

* Bristles are rough and in a way scratchy, can never be called soft

* Rs 475 for this quality is not pricey?

                     I rate Colorbar Keep Blushing Blush Brush 3.5 out of 5. You get better brushes in the same price range or even for less in the market which are way soft and better. I love Colorbar as a brand, I have always liked it products or had the concept that they make some of the best products at an affordable price tag but regarding these brushes I wouldn't be able to say good things. I am so disappointed :(

Hope this review helped you in some way and do leave behind your sweet comments and also tell us about your favorite Blush Brush. Thank you and have a great Thursday :)


Natasha Bhatt said...

The blush brush looks cute..wish it functioned properly as well... i think Colorbar was aware of the scratchy part.. hopefully their future brushes will be better?? nice review!!!

beautydiva said...

@Natasha Bhatt- Apart from being cute, nothing seems to be right about these brushes. Hope they improve on the quality next time. Thank you :)

Unknown said...

love the pink brush.too bad its scratchy.Would have loved it if it was softer

beautydiva said...

@Shehrzad Dastaan- yes its a beauty, but so rough against my skin. Thank you dear :)

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