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Monday, July 29, 2013


                   Hello girls, I received my Vellvette Box this morning and that too without any damage.....big achievement...yayyyyy!!!!! So here are what all I received this month. Sadly enough I was not sent the Layla Nail Polish. You all know Nail Polish= <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Love the bright pink ribbon

The theme of July is 'Quick Fix'

Very carefully Bubble wrapped

I am using a few Sally Hansen products and loving them, have high expectations from this one. Actually I am searching for good base coats- strengthening or otherwise, so this is the best product in this box for me.

I sprayed it on and it was gone in say 2 mins...dud

Like all my blogger friends are complaining about these nail appliques, I haven't had the courage to put them on. May be someday when I am free and have a lot of time to spare, I will use these.

I haven't opened the seal as yet but I am happy to get this as I have never tried any glitter mascara.

Overall I am happy with this box, the body mist doesn't make much sense but other than that its a mediocre box. But Vellvette has not been able to keep up to their theme "Quick Fix". Thank you and have a Happy Monday :D


Nivedita said...

Ummm, looks less exciting than those of the other months I think...

beautydiva said...

@Nivedita- yep, but sally hansen miracle cure has saved the day. Thank you :)

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