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Friday, July 5, 2013


9 ml for INR 95

Company Says: - Shake gently, apply 2 coats. Flammable. Keep away from heat or flame.

Ingredients: - Not Listed

My Opinion: - Street Wear nail paints are for some reason underated nails paints, I don't mean the small cute bottles that each one of us own. Here I am talking about the big square bottle with grey long caps....yes yes those. Being so much into nail colors, it was shocking that I had totally forgotten about these. So this time I took out a few of these nail polishes and today here I am reviewing street wear nail color in 38 Mauve Magic, a a pastel mauve shade with pink undertones and a slight touch of brown. It is a creme shade and this creamy-ness adds a polished look to my hands.

                          The smell is on the stronger side and stays on for an hour or so after application. I think these are loaded with chemicals and hence the strong awful smell. The Nail Paint is not thick nor thin but of the right consistency. Now coming to the brush it is quite thin and you would need many strokes to cover a nail which is not convenient. Also the brush gives streaky application which looks odd and dirty. The first coat gives good coverage and second coat gives full opacity but leaves a little streaky-ness, hence the third coat becomes necessary. But inspite of this nail paint being difficult to apply, it is very easy to remove.

                           This Street Wear Nail Color lasted on my toes for more than a week but chipped on my tips on the 5th day. This nail color stayed glossy and fresh for only 2 days and then a top coat/gloss was required but I didn't use one just to check how long it stays on my nails without a gloss/top coat and it stayed for 5 days but the polish faded around the tips and gave a stale look to my nails after the 2nd day on-wards. One big advantage is that this nail paint didn't stain my nails. This Nail Paint takesw a little time to dry but not long hours, so you cannot apply it when you are in a hurry. At Rs 95-100 for 9 ml these are average nail paints but of late I haven't seen them in shops/counters. May be they are discontinued, if yes I wont miss these because I love the cute little bottles much more than these biggies.

Pros: -

* Affordable and Easily Available (I haven't seen these in a long time but I might be wrong)

* Very pretty creme finish Mauve-Pink shade with brown undertones

* The shade plus the creme finish gives a very polished, well cared for look to the hands

* Lasted for 5 days on my nails and stayed on till I removed on my toes

* Easy to remove

* Didn't stain my nails

* Available in many creme shades as well as pastel shades as far as I can remember

Cons: -

* Stayed fresh for only 2 days

* Faded around the tips and gave a dull/stale look after 2 days

* I haven't seen these nail paints around in a while

* Strong smell means lots of chemicals

* Difficult to apply due to thin brush

* Brush quality is below average

                     I rate Street Wear Nail Color in 38 Mauve Magic 3.75 out of 5 just because of the shade alone. Inspite of all the cons, the shade is so classy and gives a polished look to my hands and that's why I have given it a 3.75. These types of shades gives a clean and very well maintained look to your hands. If not this particular nail paint try a similar shade from a  different brand and see it for yourself.

Hope this review helped you in some way, please do leave behind your comments. Also do tell us about your favorite nail polish shades from Street Wear Nail Colors. Thank you and have a good day :D


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