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Thursday, July 25, 2013


1 Unit for INR 475

Colorbar Says: - Calling all fashionistas to add some fun to every beauty job that needs to be done. Colorbar Accessories - on serious beauty-duty all day, so you can stay fabulous at work and play. Get, set, gorgeous!

Contouring Brush: The little pink secret behind gorgeous cheekbones! Sculpt and spellbind with this angled brush that defines your cheeks in simple sweeps. The soft slant easily hugs the contours of your face to shape, build build color and highlight effortlessly.

How To Use: Glide the brush over color and apply by holding the brush with longer fibers towards the outer edge of your face. Contour the cheeks by blending color inwards. Gently clean the brush by washing with mild shampoo and cold water, rinse and leave to air-dry.

My Opinion: - Last in the list of face brushes is the Chic Cheeks Contouring Brush. After my disappointment with the First Impressions Powder Brush and the Keep Blushing Blush Brush, I had no expectations from this contouring brush. First lets come its packaging, I love the chubby white handle, shiny black ferrule and the bright pink bristles. And this is the very reason why I bought the entire array of brushes immediately upon seeing them. Wrong decision !!!! I know I know....

                 The bristles of this brush are comparatively softer than the other two brushes- blush brush & powder brush. Here also the bristles are not soft as we would expect from a face brush but they are not scratchy and rough on the skin. Then the bristles are dense but enough fluffy to give good blending. And since the brush is on the fluffier side it picks up the right amount of product thereby reducing product wastage. The shape is perfect to fit into the hollows of the cheeks, and also fits the contours of the face. The shape of the brush is slanted but its a little big compared to the other contouring brushes I have used. I find it difficult to contour my nose, temples etc.

                      The bristles being synthetic, this brush is easy to wash and dries off fast (overnight). The bristles don't stain and has retained their shape after numerous washes unlike the blush brush. But with each wash a couple of bristles keep on shedding, nothing serious here but it does shed with every wash. Also when this brush was new, the bristles were not evenly cut, I could clearly see some long ones poking through the rest of the bristles. Same as the other 2 brushes with bright bristles, this contouring brush also bleds upon washing. These Colorbar brushes are not labelled- not named and not even numbered... why this cruelty to these pretty little things???



* Affordable & Easily Available

* Softer than the powder & blush brushes

* Slanted shape helps to fit into the hollows of the cheeks

* Attractive Packaging

* Blends the product well

* Picks up right amount of product

* Easy to wash & Dries off fast


* Brush could have been a little smaller, for ease of contouring of smaller areas

* Sheds every time when washed

* Bleeds upon washing

* Not as soft as a face brush should be but not rough & scratchy like the powder & blush brushes

                 I rate Colorbar Chic Cheeks Contouring Brush 3.75 out of 5. This brush is an improvement over the other brushes with bright pink bristles but this one is also an average or may be below average if compared to Vega, TBS, Oriflame brushes. Colorbar, if you are reading this then please do work out on your brushes, specially the face brushes as the eye brushes much better compared to these. I feel ashamed to give such low rating to a brand I call my fave but everyone owing/using these brushes would know that I am absolutely honestly reviewing them here.

Hope this review helped you in some way and do leave behind your sweet comments and also tell us about your favorite Contouring Brush. Thank you and have an awesome night ahead :)


Indian Beauty Zone said...

Nice Review Beauty :)

beautydiva said...

@Radha Krishnakumar- Thank you Radha :)

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Sounds like an average product but not bad. The brush looks lovely <3

Vipra S said...

Nice review dear .. Me to love colorbar brushes .. I too have this one - An awesome product !! :)

beautydiva said...

@Rakhshanda Rizvi- You are right dear, this one is not as disappointing as the other two brushes. Thank you :)

beautydiva said...

@Vipra S- Thank you very much dear :)Me too loves colorbar

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