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Sunday, June 17, 2012


75 ml for INR 99

Company Says: -
Romantic: - Enchanteur Romantic Body Mist caresses your body with its soft floral fragrance. Wrap yourself in the luxury of this irresistible scent and reveal your natural romanticism.
Charming: - Enchanteur Romantic Body Mist caresses your body with its soft floral fragrance. Wrap yourself in the luxury of this irresistible scent with sa lingering fragrance that exudes exquisite charm.

Ingredients: - Ethanol, Butane, Propane, Fragrance

Its ozone-friendly

My Opinion: - Body Mists are generally used after a shower to replenish the lost moisture or to hydrate the skin. some are heavier on the hydrating/moisturising side while others are heavier on the perfumed side. But these two body mists seems to completely on the perfume side as they come packaged in cans like deos and their ingredient lists donot show anything which would hydrate/moisturise the skin. I have seen body mists in perfume-like bottle which are very expensive. Therefore I was a little confused.

          Ok, now coming back to the review, I think there are deos named as body mists. The packaging is basic deo-kinda spray can, nothing special or new. The slim-tall cans are creamish in color with a pink rose for the Romantic variety and a yellow rose for the Charming variety, very attractive and pretty. The fragance of Romantic is very feminine and light whereas the fragrance of Charming is a little on the heavy side and its sensous. I can relate Romantic to fresh roses which gives it its names, but it certainly has a minimal touch of spice to it. Charming on the other hand is floral based but with hints of musk. Sorry I am bad at describing perfumes/scents :P :D

                I apply these mists after a shower/bath and I prefer the Romantic Body Mist for day time wear and the Charming Body Mist only for evenings out. They last on me for a good 4-5 hours in an airconditioned environment, but layered with the body lotions their staying power increases to a couple of more hours. Ofcourse I have to reapply the mists to retain the fragrance. They are cheap at Rs 99 a pop and easily available. A clear mist of perfume can be seen when sprayed on and I like that a lot :D

Pros: -

* Very good fragrances

* Cheap at 99 a pop, 75 ml is good quantity

* Available in 5 varieties me thinks

* Lasts for 4-5 hours, even more when layered with the body lotions

* Didn’t irritate my skin or caused any allergies or dryness

* Ozone-friendly

Cons: -

* The name body mist is confusing, its actually deo

             I rate this Enchanteur Romantic/Charming Body Mist 4.25 out 5. True value for money and fragrances are good and pleasant enough. Nice product from Wipro, I like them both but I would repurchse the romantic one.

      Hope you enjoyed my review, do leave behind your precious comments and share with us experiences with body mists. Thank you and have a great time



Anonymous said...

the blooger is a beauty queen

beautydiva said...

@anonymous- ??????

Georgie said...

Love the blog! It's really well written and set out! :)
I would love love love it if you checked mine out too?
I'm just starting out and would love to get your opinion on it!
xox Georgie

beautydiva said...

@georgie- welcome to BDI, and thank you very much for all the appreciation. I shall visit you asap. Thanks again :D

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