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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Acetone Free
Protects & Nourishes Nail

50 ml for INR 115

Company Says: - Nail conditioning and nourishing properties. Acetone free, thus not harsh on your nails. Easy and quick removal of nail enamel. Contains Panthenol which protects nails.

To Use: - Take on cotton few drops and in circular motion gently rub on nails.

My Opinion: - As you all know, I am a nail polish/art addict. And this addiction makes me use a lot of nail enamel removers, I am very conscious about the product I use. I have known and used Lakme Nail Color Remover since ages now and I must say I simply love it. But months ago while I was going through the Avon catalogue, I saw this nail enamel remover and decided to order for it. The packaging is very basic, a white transparent bottle with opaque white screw on cap. There is a stopper inside to control the flow of product. The packaging is slim and travel friendly.


                 This nail enamel remover is a watery liquid which seems to be a little oily. Its fragrance is not like other nail enamel removers but it comes with a jasmine fragrance, which I don’t seem to like much. This smell stays on until I wash off my hands with soap/hand wash. I apply nail polish atleast twice a week and so I have to frequently use a nail polish remover to clean off my nails. My nails are not in bad shape and actually they are strong enough to grow them long. But my cuticles are dry and I am a little worried on the breakage front. Also if I don’t use a base coat, I get yellow stains and my nails look ugly.


             Regular use of this nail enamel remover has actually conditioned my nails and the situation has improved. I think (maybe it’s a hunch) that this product lifts some of the ugly stain from my nails. This nail polish remover does not leave behind that dirty looking whitish residue on my nails after use, many removers do that and I hate it. It gives an oily feel to the nails and maybe that oiliness conditions the nails. I am not able to clean off the nail polish off my nails with few drops as claimed by the company; I need quite some product to remove every trace of the polish. And that’s the only drawback of this product.

Pros: -

* All claims made by the company are true
* Conditions my nail/cuticles
* Lifts stains
* Does not leave behind the whitish ugly residue after use
* Comes in a plastic bottle unlike Lakme’s nail color remover bottle


Cons: -

* Expensive compared to most other brands
* I hate the overpowering jasmine fragrance (that’s a personal dislike)
* Lot of product is required for single use

               I rate this Avon Nail Experts Conditioning Nail Enamel Remover 4 out of 5. I personally hate the fragrance but otherwise it’s a nice nail polish remover doing its job well. A must try for jasmine-fragrance lovers.

              Hope you enjoyed reading this review; please do leave behind your precious comments. Thank you and have a great day ahead.


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