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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Final Look
                 I am obsessed  with green nowadays so here is another green and yellow nail art which is so simple and so cute. I love green on nails be it any shade, don't know when I will overcome it but till then I will keep coming  up with newer green based nail art.

                 First step is to use the base coat but I mostly use a nail hardener. After it dries off, I applied 3 coats of yellow nail polish and left it to dry.

Step 1

                  Then I took a very thin painting brush and drew vertical stripes with a leaf green color. I double coated it to make it bright.

                   When it dried, I sealed it in with a top coat so that it stays on for long without chipping.

                   Hope you girls like it and leave behind your precious comments. I think the shades- yellow and leaf green has a touch of freshness it them, perfect for the coming summers. What you think?


Cynthia Z said...

Cute! :)


Anonymous said...

.Wat a coincidence :P I did sumting like that in white n red :P lol

beautydiva said...

@cynthia- thanks dear :D

beautydiva said...

@sugar- haha... my friend too asked me to do up her nails in red and white :P Like minded....all 3 of us =D

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