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Sunday, March 20, 2011


                       I have always discussed the 'dos' for beautiful skin and how to take care of your skin and what's good for your skin. But today I am going to discuss a few dont's for a beautiful skin.

        * Don't be grumpy. Start the day with a smile, look at yourself in the mirror and smile to yourself. Anger, tension, depression, making faces spoils your beauty.

       * Don't sleep with makeup on, you may get pimples, blackheads and your skin will become dull and lifeless. Use a cleanser on your face and neck or simply wash off with a face wash.

       * Don't go after junk food. Avoid cakes, pastries, chips, burgers, spicy food, aerated drinks etc. Eat fresh fruits and veggies daily.

       * Don't imitate others, never buy a cream/lotion or makeup product just because your friend uses it. Consider your skin type and your skin's need of that time. Test the product on yourself and then if it suits you, go ahead and buy it.

       * Avoid over-exposure to sun. Though a little amount of sunlight is good for us, we should avoid over-exposure as it is harmful. Use a good quality sunscreen with high SPF suitable to your skin. Protect eyes with shades and hair with scarf or umbrella.

       * Don't tug or pull your skin. Don't stretch it. Don't squeeze or press blackhead/whiteheads or pimples, you might injure and damage your skin.

       * Avoid short cuts. The first step to a beautiful skin is cleansing. Use a cleanser or face wash twice a day. Then use a mild toner to close pores, freshen and tighten your skin. Finally use a moisturiser suited to your skin type. Keep aside 10-20 mins for yourself daily.

       * Avoid wrong massage. Wrong massaging may cause wrinkles and destroy the build of the skin. Use a good cream/oil as per your choice and facilitate the movements of your hands. The best thing is to massage your face with upward and outward strokes.

      * Don't talk when you have a face pack on. You will get wrinkles and fine lines and also you will loose the elasticity of your skin.

      * Don't wash your face with hot water, not even in the extreme winters. Use tepid water to wash your face or to bathe, not hot or cold as extreme temperature will harm your skin.


Aarthi said...

You have a pretty blog space here :)

kuheli/bulbul said...

good points to remember. :)

beautydiva said...

@Aarthi- thanks a lot :)

beautydiva said...

@kuheli/bulbul- i try to follow them myself. Will definitely make a difference in the long run.thanks

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