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Friday, March 25, 2011



5 ML for INR 200+ (approx)

Company Says:- Water resistant eyeliner that stays on for hours
  • Includes an international quality felt-tip brush for easy application.
  • Leak proof premium packaging makes it perfect for traveling
Ingredients:- Not Listed

My Opinion:- Lakme High Definition Eyeliner is the first eyeliner I ever used, I was a student then. It comes with a felt tip applicator which is easy to control. As a novice it gave me superb control over the intensity of the line. It is jet black and a single swipe is enough to give my eyes a very intense line. I just love this quality in a liner. Also the pointed felt tip makes it easier to line the lower lash line, tough I never use it on my waterline, my friend does and is happy with the outcome. It is smudge proof but you have to be a little careful in the summers as sweat and touch combined together can ruin your line.
                   It is waterproof and stays put till I myself take it off. It refuses go with a face wash or a regular cleanser though a makeup remover cleans it in a single wipe. Its felt tip helps to get any kind of line I fancy. I love the cute little bottle with the slender long cap and the smell is kind of 'rosy' like Lakme's mascara or their liquid liners, actually all liquid eyeliners have the same smell :D I am using this tube since last year but its still as liquidy as new and it dries fast when I line my eyes with it.

Pros:- Tiny tube so it can be carried in the tiniest of purses
Long lasting, waterproof, jet black

Cons:- Lakme has hiked up the prices :( it was much cheaper when I first bought it. A combination of touching and humidity can ruin the eyes but normally its smudge proof.
           I rate this product 4.5 out of 5 because its my first ever eyeliner. I will repurchase it again and again since I like it so much for daily use :D


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Hi beautydiva! Thanks for the comment you left me:) But you did not put "follow" my blog ... perhaps you've forgotten .. however, even your blog is very nice! xD kiss

beautydiva said...

Thanks for telling. Am sorry...dono what happened. Following back right now. Xoxo

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