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Monday, March 7, 2011


                    Egg conditioners make your hair soft and manageable. Also it strengthens hair roots and the entire length of your hair. An egg can provide complete nourishment for your hair. Beat an egg and apply all over your scalp for a protien treatment. Wah off after 15/20 mins. Mix it with your shampoo for a pong-free wash.

Egg Conditioner For Oily Hair:-
After shampooing, whisk together 5 tbspns natural yogurt and 1 egg. Now massage it into your scalp and leave on for 30 mins. Rinse out thoroughly.

Egg Conditioner For Dry Hair:-
Beat an egg and mix in 1 tspn honey and 2 tspns of coconut or olive oil. Massage this into your scalp and wrap a hot towel around your head. Shampoo off after 30 mins.

Egg Conditioner For All Types Of Hair:-
Heat 2 tbspns of coconut oil, add an beaten egg and 1 tbspn vinegar. Massage it into your hair while still hot. Keep your head covered with hot towels for 30 mins, then shampoo off.

                        Any leftover homemade mayonnaise makes a good hair conditioner. Condition your hair with a suitable recipe given above and see your hair glow with health.


Anonymous said...

I 've tried the mayonise 1 ...N it works lol....

beautydiva said...

@shuugra- yes babe, it works wonders for me too :D

Linhy said...

Interesting blog and thoughts you got going on there!! Check out my blog sometimes when you get a chance. If you like my writing and what’s on there become my follower!
enjoyed your page a lot!

Beautydiva said...

@linhy- thanks for all the good words :) i will surely visit you soon.

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