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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Final Look
               Hi Girls, I am in love with green nail polish these days and so I have done this green and orange nail art. The glittery look is so in right now that I cant avoid it inspite of my mom telling me it gaudy etc etc I have gone ahead and used silver glitter on top. So here are the simple steps to achieve this look.

                       As always I had applied my nail hardener/base coat and left it to dry for sometimes.

                       Then I applied Street Wear Orange Swirl on all my nails and left them to dry for 10 mins. Two coats were enough for full opacity. (step 1)

Step 1
                       Now I painted on green tips in a slanted manner and also did the same on upper part of the nails. (step 2)           

                       Then I used silver glitter on my nails and left them to dry for 20 mins.

                       Atlast I sealed in my precious nailart with a top coat.
Step 2

                       Hope you all like my nailart and bear with me. Please leave behind your precious comments and let me know your opinion. Thanks



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