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Thursday, October 17, 2013


2.8 gms for INR 500

Revlon Says: - Cream blushes that can be used for lips and cheeks. New for your PACIFIC COAST look by Gucci Westman! The collection?s must-have it item for the season is a limited-edition lip & cheek stick. Gives you a perfect flush of color and soft dewy finish with a non-sticky feel.

Available in 3 Spring shades: Tahitian, Sunset and Pink Passion.

* Tahitian has faint peachy finish

* Sunset is on the pale orange hue

* Pink Passion is a bright pink colour and definitely the only baby stick that required just 2 rubs (with pressure!) for the color to become visible.

Usage : Apply to cheeks for a glowing blush or to Lips for a matte effect with high pigment color and great for on the go.
(Taken from

Ingredients: - Not Listed

My Opinion: - When I saw these cute fatty Baby Sticks at Shoppers Stop, I literally pounced on them. I so regret my purchase now :( Actually I was about to get 2 of them- Sunset & Pink Passion but thankfully I got only 1 to try out at first. They didn't have testers and I was in love with the packaging. Now coming to the packaging of these Baby Sticks, they are cute, very cute. Short & fat like a cute chubby baby. The outer casing corresponds to the shade of lip/cheek stain shade. Easy to use and carry around but not hygienic.

                        The texture of the baby stick is waxy and hard, though it looks soft and gel-like. It is difficult to put it on the lips and on the cheeks. You need to swipe about 20 times to get a very light tinge of color (????). It feels waxy and its impossible to blend it into the skin. It basically looks like colorless grease on my cheeks and on my lips it feels waxy. Overall it gives an uncomfortable feel to my lips/cheeks when applied.

                         The fragrance of the Baby Stick is exactly the same as crayons but it fades off upon application. I cannot use it as a base for my powder blushes as it settles into 2 greasy shiny streaks on my cheeks as it is totally not blendable. This stick is not moisturing instead its very drying on the lips. There's no proper information on the pack, not even ingredient list and sadly Revlon India website also has no information about this product. These Baby Stick apart the appearance are complete duds. Girls save your money for better products. My first disappointment from Revlon, I think. 

Pros: -

* Cute packaging

* Easily Available

* Pretty shades (in the tube only )

* Easy to carry around

Cons: -

* Expensive at Rs 500 for 2.8 gms

* No pigmentation, its nearly colorless

* Totally unblendable

* No ingredient list available

* No information regarding this product on the Revlon India Website

                    I rate Revlon Baby Stick For Lips & Cheeks in Sunset 2 out of 5. I love Revlon as a brand and use loads & loads of Revlon products but I have not been disappointed with any other product except this one. Not recommended, girls invest in other products which are atleast usable.  This one is a total miss from Revlon :(

Hope this review helped you in some way and do leave behind your sweet comments and also tell us about your experience with Revlon Baby Lips if any. Thank you and have a great Thursday :)


Unknown said...

Pretty shade n look so cute..
Nice review dear ...:):)
Agree pigmentation is poor but expensive as well...

My recent one :

beautydiva said...

@Tejinder Kaur- pretty looking but disappointing performance. Ty dear :)

Nivedita said...

The beauty gurus on youtube pretty much dissed these. I myself was pretty excited at first. But then quit the idea of getting these.

beautydiva said...

@Nivedita- Great decision. I didn't read reviews before getting it but from now I will. Ty :)

Indian Beauty Zone said...

Pretty shade dear :)

beautydiva said...

@Radha Krishnakumar- Thank you dear :)

Unknown said...

I've used this, and I am surprised you even gave it two points. I mean, what is the use of all those pros if they don't translate to something nice on your face? I wish I had seen a review like this before I picked it up.

beautydiva said...

@Rohini Malur- 2 seems to be the lowest rating here on BDI. lol... couldn't give something lesser. Thank you :)

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Looking so pretty but so sad that it's not pigmented! I love Revlon too but this product is really disappointing!! Great review honey <3

beautydiva said...

@Rakhshanda Rizvi- Too sad dear, complete wastage of money. Thank you :)

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