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Saturday, October 5, 2013


1 Unit for INR 179

Oriflame Says: - This versatile double-ended brush is ideal for creating different eyeshadow effects. Use the full, rounded end to swoosh on shadow easily. Use the long-bristled end to soften shade transitions.

Materials: - Pony Hair, Aluminium & Wood (sponge on 1 end)

Size: 180 mm

My Opinion: - Now I am reviewing the best brush of the lot, Oriflame Professional Double-ended Eye Shadow Brush. Coming to the appearance of this Double-ended eye shadow brush, it has a glossy black ferule and a matte black sleek wooden handle. Its not too long or too short, the length of the brush is perfect for handling and using it as needed. The pony hair bristles are very soft. The bristles are dense and perfect for packing on color on the lids. The sponge tip on the other other end is soft and spongy as it ought be, its not rough like some that comes with eye shadow. 

                        I wash my brushes at night and leave them to dry overnight, that way I don't keep checking on them and waste time and get annoyed. I have washed this brush in-numerous times but it has still retained its shape. This brush is easy to wash and dries fast. It doesn't comes with a brush guard but in a mere see through plastic pack which is not reusable. The bristles didn't shed on me, not even once. Even I have washed the sponge tip applicator a few times and it is still intact. Of course an extra applicator is provided for future use.

                      First let me come to the flat shader head, it can give tough competition to high end shader brushes. It picks up required quantity of eyeshadow (loose/compact) and packs it on the lids very well. It helps in blending to quite an extent but ofcourse a blending blush is ideal for the job. But if you are in a hurry or travelling, this brush can help you apply shadow as well as blend it.

                 Now the sponge tip is softer than most other sponge tip applicators that comes with eye shadows. It doesn't wear off/give away upon washing, atleast I have washes it a few times before using the extra sponge tip provided. This applicator is superb for smudging and hence with this one brush you can create a smoke eye look. This sponge tip also helps in blending to some extent. But once both the sponge tips are gone, you are only left with the flat shader which is also an awesome brush. Its a must in my vanity.

Pros: -

* Affordable

* Very soft bristles <3 <3

* Dries fast upon washing & also never sheds

* Sponge tip is also durable, I washes it a few times and couldn't see any change

* Sturdy brush, the wooden handle and matte polish is still intact after in-numerous washes

* A great flat shader brush in my collection, I use it all the time

* Sponge tip is good for smudging and blending

Cons: -

* Availability is an issue

* Not Vegan since the bristles are made of Pony hair

* When I run out of both the sponge tip applicators, one end of the brush will become useless

                    I rate Oriflame Professional Double-Ended Eye Shadow Brush 4.5 out of 5 as it the softest, cheapest and one of the best eye shadow brush in my humble collection of eye shadow brushes. Although its dirt cheap at Rs 179 and the sponge tips will give away sooner or later, its one of the best brush which does its job perfectly. Highly recommended.

Hope this review helped you in some way and do leave behind your sweet comments and also tell us about your favorite eye shadow brush. Thank you and have a rocking Saturday night :)


Vipra S said...

Great review girl :) Those Oriflame brushes you have are really impressive :)

beautydiva said...

@Vipra S- These brushes are attractive, looks like high end brushes- sleek, black & elegant. Thank you dear :)

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