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Saturday, October 5, 2013


1 Unit for INR 179

Oriflame Says: - This brush is firm, flat, slightly tapered and specially styled for small-area coverage and precise application. Perfect for definition of lip contours or for easy concealer application.

Materials: - Nylon, Aluminium & Wood

Size: 170 mm


My Opinion: - So continuing the reviews on Oriflame Professional Brushes, the next brush I am reviewing here is Oriflame Professional Concealer/Lip Brush. Now coming to the appearance of this concealer/lip brush, it has a glossy black ferule and a matte black sleek wooden handle. Its not too long or too short, the length of the brush is perfect for handling and using it as needed. The nylon bristles on both ends of the brush are soft. Both sides are flat and dense as you can in the pictures.


                       I wash my brushes at night and leave them to dry overnight, that way I don't keep checking on them and waste time and get annoyed. I have washed this brush in-numerous times but it has still retained its shape. This brush is easy to wash and dries fast. It doesn't comes with a brush guard but in a mere see through plastic pack which is not reusable. The bristles didn't shed on me, not even once.

                        Now coming to the functionality of this brush, I will first come to the lip brush end. It has a rounded tip and tapered sides which makes it perfect for filling in color on the lips. It picks up a decent amount of lip product and easily deposits it onto the lips. No streaks, flawless application. I used it with neutrals/nudes as well as brighter deeper shades and it worked well with both.


                      Now coming to the concealer brush end, it disappointed me. The shape is tapered & pointed and perfect for reaching nooks and corners of the nose, eye and around the mouth. This brush does not blend the concealer well, it leaves ugly streaks all over the under-eyes which I need to go over with finger by patting. It does not absorbs the concealer whether liquid or creamy but it does not have the ability to give that flawless perfect blended look. An average brush and this can happily be skipped.

Pros: -

* Affordable

* Soft bristles <3 <3

* Dries fast upon washing & also never sheds

* Sturdy brush, the wooden handle and matte polish is still intact after in-numerous washes

* Lip brush gives good result


Cons: -

* Availability is an issue

* Concealer brush is a dud :(

                    I rate Oriflame Professional Concealer/Lip Brush 3.5 out of 5 as the concealer brush end is a dud. You can happily skip this brush but at Rs 149 you could go ahead if you have a soft corner for Oriflame like I do. Lip brush on the contrary is much better and if you are inti the habit of using a brush to apply your lipstick, then this brush is a cheap option.

Hope this review helped you in some way and do leave behind your sweet comments and also tell us about your favorite lip/concealer brush. Thank you and have a great afternoon :)


Natasha Bhatt said...

This is my fav brush from Oriflame.. i dnt use it for concealer but for eyeshadow.. its a bit stiff fr concealer... nice review dear :)

beautydiva said...

@Natasha Bhatt- You are right.... its stiff for the under-eyes. Thanks dear :)

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