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Friday, October 4, 2013


1 Unit for INR 229

Oriflame Says: - Powder brush with perfectly tapered, soft bristles to help blend and brush off excess powder.

Materials: - Goat Hair, Aluminium, Wood.
Size: - 170 mm

My Opinion: - Today I am reviewing Oriflame Professional Fan Powder Brush. Now coming to the appearance of this fan brush, it has a glossy black ferule and a matte black sleek  wooden handle. Its not too long or too short, the length of the brush is perfect for handling and using it as needed. The goat hair dual colored bristles are very soft and does not irritate the skin. The brush is flat and fluffy as a good fan brush ought to be. 

                        Now coming to the functionality of this brush, it works great to dust a dash of loose powder on the T-zone or the entire face to set makeup, its excellent to dust off excess powder off the face and finally to highlight the high part of the cheek-bones. But the versatility of the fan brush makes it great for applying very pigmented powder blushes as this brush picks up very less quantity of product and also using bronzer on the areas naturally hit by sunlight. I have a fan brush from Coastal Scents but that one is a very big one but its a nice one. And then when I saw this smaller fan brush, I bought it immediately. Now I love it so much.

                       I wash my brushes at night and leave them to dry overnight, that way I don't keep checking on them and waste time and get annoyed. I have washed this brush ample number of times and till today it has retain its shape and looks like its still new. It never sheds and bleeds on me. This brush does not come with a brush-guard but in a mere plastic see-through pack which is not reusable. But inspite of not having a brush-guard, it has not lost its shape. To me it looks like a Japenese Fan :P 

Pros: -

* Affordable

* Soft bristles <3 <3

* Dries fast upon washing & also never sheds

* Sturdy brush, the wooden handle and matte polish is still intact after in-numerous washes

* Multi-use brush, can be used for blush, bronzer, highlighter, powder foundation & loose powder

* After washing it in-numerous times, it still regains its shape

Cons: -

* Availability is an issue

* Not Vegan since the bristles are made of Goat hair

                    I rate Oriflame Professional Fan Powder Brush 4.5 out of 5. A truly versatile brush which does its job very well. I recommend all beauties to try this fan brush as you have nothing to lose at Rs 229. I shall keep using this fan brush until I find a better one which has to be similar in size to this fan brush.

Hope this review helped you in some way and do leave behind your sweet comments and also tell us about your favorite fan brush. Thank you and have a great day ahead :)


Radha Krishnakumar said...

Wow this looks awesome :D Nice Review dear <3

Tejinder Kaur said...

wow...looks great
nice review dear <3

my recent one :NYX Root Beer Eyeshadow Review,Swatches n EOTD

beautydiva said...

@Radha Krishnakumar- Thank you dear :)

beautydiva said...

@Tejinder Kaur- Thanks very much dear :)

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