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Sunday, October 6, 2013


1 Unit for INR 198

Oriflame Says: - Incredibly smooth, ultra precise highlighter brush for a perfect professional application. Cleanse your brush regularly for optimum performance. 

Materials: - Synthetic bristles, Aluminium & Wood

Size: - 15 cm

My Opinion: - I bought this brush long back with Oriflame Beauty Reveal Kit in a combo offer, so I got at a much cheaper price. This happens to be my first highlighting brush. A lot of different brushes are used for highlighting- a fan brush, small buffer, tapered brush to name a few. But here is this flat brush with tapered nylon bristles that I have been applying cream highlighters with. Coming to the appearance of this highlighter brush, it has a glossy black ferule and a matte black sleek wooden handle. Its not too long or too short, the length of the brush is perfect for handling and using it as needed. The nylon bristles were a little pokey at the beginning and were not very soft. But continuous washing has soften the bristles and now the pokey-ness is gone. The bristles are dense and tightly packed.

                  I wash my brushes at night and leave them to dry overnight, that way I don't keep checking on them and waste time and get annoyed. I have washed this brush in-numerous times but it has still retained its shape. This brush is easy to wash and dries fast. It doesn't comes with a brush guard but in a mere see through plastic pack which is not reusable. The bristles never shed on me. And over a period of time they softened considerably.

                     This brush came with the Beauty Reveal Kit which is a Define, Highlight & Sculpt kit. It works decently with it but other than that when I had used it with my Rouge Bunny Rouge highlighters, it refused to blend. This brush left ugly streaks on my face and I have to use fingertips or a buffer brush to blend everything in. So what's the functionality of this brush? It came in handy to apply highlighter on my brow bones and also to apply concealer under my eyes. But of late I have been using this brush with my Maybelline Color Tattoos, both to apply and to blend. And it works amazingly well. Another brush from Oriflame which is multi-tasking but sadly i haven't seen it in recent catalogs.

Pros: -

* Affordable

* Soft bristles <3 <3

* Dries fast upon washing & also never sheds

* Sturdy brush, the wooden handle and matte polish is still intact after in-numerous washes, it still looks new after 2 years

* Multi-tasking brush

* Works well with creamy products

Cons: -

* Availability is an issue

* Bristles were rough and pokey when new

* Leaves streaks on the skin if not blended properly

* Difficult to use with liquids

                  I rate Oriflame Beauty Highlighter Brush 3.75 out of 5 as it works best with the kit it came with. Though I have found many other uses for this good looking brush, still I have to confess that it leaves behind streaks when working with liquids. But as of now i still use it after 2 years but for the Maybelline Tattoos :P

Hope this review helped you in some way and do leave behind your sweet comments and also tell us about your favorite highlighter brush. Thank you and have a rocking Sunday :)


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