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Sunday, April 21, 2013


1.6 gms for INR 249

Company Says: - Super-hydrating and caring lip balm which offers immediate relief for dry lips. Dual core combines to deliver a 300% moisture boost, helps prevent water loss and helps protects lips from environmental stresses. SPF 8

My Opinion: - I love lip balms and I just remembered I have a handful of lip balms to review. One of the lip balms I am reviewng today is Oriflame Lip Spa Therapy. I have used Oriflame Tender Care as lip balm and loved it. So I ordered it and always I was told that this Lip Spa Therapy was out of stock. That's the reason I had very high expectations from this lip balm. The packaging is very cute, a white slim plastic tube with a pretty pink band in the middle portion of the tube. Very hygeinic and fits into even the tiniest purse.

                 This lip balm looks like a lipstick, its a pretty pink slim bullet with white inner ring, call it dual core. Its a light weight lip balm apt for applying underneath lipsticks. Its non greasy, non waxy but moisturising. It helps to keep my lips soft, that's it. Nothing more nothing less. Its non glossy and non tinted which I like.

               The fragrance is very sweet very mild bubblegum-y which goes away after application. It is not very moisturising as the company claims 300% moisturising. Too tall a claim, this will do absolutely nothing for very dry chapped lips. So no use during winters but rest of the year it works well under lipsticks. If worn alone, it needs to be reapplied after short durations which finishes of the lip balm very soon. And hence its expensive. Just another lip balm, nothing special.

Pros: -

Good for application underneath lipsticks

Non glossy & non waxy

Non sticky & light weight

Moisturises my lips to some extent

Very sweet but mild fragrance


Cons: -

Availibility is an issue

Also its expensive for the quantity

Needs repeated application hence it finishes off soon

                     I rate this Oriflame Lip Spa Therapy 3 out of 5. Oriflame products usually dont disappoint me but this one did. Girls please steer clear of this Lip Balm or wait till some sale/discount.

Hope this review helped you in some way. Thank you for reading this review and please do leave behind your experience with Oriflame lip balms. Have a great time ahead :)


Neha K said...

Nice review :). I wanted to buy this too but was outta stock so bought the tender care balm.. That works well! Think I'll skip this one if it's not as good as that :)

beautydiva said...

@neha k- welcome to BDI and thank you very much. Get the tender care lip balm in stick form instead of this one.

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