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Monday, September 6, 2010



              Hi Babes, after caring for your nails its high time you get a few skin care tips. Mostly blogs and sites tell you the dos but today I will tell you ten don'ts for super skin.

1. Don't be grumpy. Start the day with a smile, look at the mirror and give a big smile to yourself. Anger, tension, depression, making faces etc spoils beauty. 

2. Don't sleep with makeup on your skin. If you do that your skin will become dull and lifeless, pimples and blackheads will follow. Properly clean your skin before heading to bed. 

3. Don't go after junk food. Avoid cakes, pastries, chips, spicy food and cold drinks all together. Eat fresh veggies and fruits. 

4. Don't imitate others. Just because your friend like a particular lotion/cream don't go out to buy it. Because it may have worked for her but it might not work for your skin in the same way. So consider your skin type before buying it, try it out at the cosmetic counter if possible. If the lotion/cream suits your skin and fulfills your requirements then buy it.

5. Avoid exposing your skin to the sun-rays. Use a good quality sunscreen cream/lotion on all exposed parts before going out in the sun. Wrap a scarf to protect your hair and also wear shades to protect your peepers.

6. Don't tug your skin. Don't stretch or pull it. Don't press black and whiteheads, it may injure and damage your skin. Always be gentle.

7. Avoid short cuts. First cleanse your skin, wash it. Secondly use a toner to close pores and finally moisturize your skin. Keep aside 10 minutes each in the morning and at night for yourself.

8. Avoid wrong massage strokes as it will do more harm than good. You may get get wrinkles and the skin structure may be destroyed. Most people use a massage cream to moisten the skin for massage, the best thing will be to apply it with upward-outward strokes. Correct application will help in massaging.

9. Don't talk when you have a face mask on. You may get wrinkles and fine lines to start off. It also affects the elasticity of skin.

10. Don't wash your face with hot water not even in winters. Use tepid water, neither hot nor cold. Always remember your skin is very soft and you need to pamper it as much as you can.

Now this is all I have for now. And Babes if you can come out with any more Don'ts please share with me. Bye for now :)


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