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Sunday, January 20, 2013


11 ml for INR 90

Company Says: - High Color Intensity, Long-lasting, No-toxic, Quick Dry

* Shake well    * Apply 2 coats     * Keep away from heat & flame

Ingredients: - Not listed

My Opinion: - Like you all know I love nail paints to the point of insanity, I haul bottles & bottles of colorful nail paints every month. Now I do not have any space left in my cabinets/dresser etc so I have planned to purchase a chest (of drawers) to store my nail paints & makeup in general. I hauled some Biotique makeup products and this nail paint was an impulse buy. I could not get the idea of the shade just by the name but I finally gave in thinking that a plum nail paint would look somewhere near "Plum".So when I received the packet, the first thing I checked was the nail paint and I was very happy to see a warm plummy shade in the bottle.


                     Ok now coming back to the review, this nail color is numbered 235 and named Royal Plum. Its a pretty plum with brown undertones. I love to wear warm shades during the winters and plum is always in. Two coats are enough for full opacity and intensity. The shades looks exactly same on my nails as in the bottle. I always apply a top coat to make my manicure long lasting but this nail polish is quite glossy on its own and I am not wearing a gloss/top coat in the images here. It starts to fade around the tips from the 4th day onwards and chips from the 6th day onwards. I don't keep a manicure on for that long actually but when I need to test its a different story altogether.


            The packaging is nothing special, a squarish bottle with a matte black squarish lid. It is very affordable at Rs 90 for 11 ml. The company claims that its a non-toxic long-lasting formula. Rightly so because the smell is not very strong and it did not stain my nail. Ofcourse I wear a base coat underneath all polishes. I can safely say that most claims are true as it dries faster than most other polishes in winter also.


Pros: -

* Long lasting

* Dries quickly in the winters also

* Warm plummy shade, would suit most Indian skin tones

* Two coats are enough for full opacity

* Non- toxic, didn't stain my nails

* Creamy-glossy nail paint

* Affordable

Con: -

* Availability



                 I rate Biotique Seaweed Nail Color in 235 Royal Plum 4.5 out of 5. I totally recommend these nail paints to all nail paint addicts.

Thank you and have a rocking Sunday :)


Nivedita said...

I had seen the products online. Since you decided to be the martyr, I can safely try it now :P

coralcrue said...

non toxic!! nice, that's what nail paints should be like. hope they write their ingredient list in future. lovely review and it looks lovely on your nails.

beautydiva said...

@nivedita- hehe.... Go ahead try them, lots of lovely colors out there to grab. Thanks dear

beautydiva said...

@coral crue- Non toxic made me happy too. Thank you very much dear

Unknown said...

Wowwww it's lovely shade :)

beautydiva said...

@rasa nandini- yes its warm & pretty

Nickita Francisca Dias said...

<3 the color :))))

beautydiva said...

@nickita dias- welcome to BDI and thank you very much for the comment

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