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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


1 gm for INR 239

Company Says:- Creamy, Sharpenable eye definer with advanced silicone technology that delivers exceptional glidability and blend. 7 hour smudge-proof once set.

Ingredients:- Not Listed

Available in 6 gorgeous shades :-
Intense Black
Navy Blue
Chestnut Brown
Precious Green
Silver Prune
Charcoal Grey

My Opinion:-
                           I am sucker for eye pencils and keep hauling them every now and then. The good thing about eye pencils is they brighten up the eyes instantly. Today I am going to share my opinion about Oriflame Eye Intensity Pencils, I got Silver Prune and Charcoal Grey. Both these pencils are well pigmented but I hear the Black 1 is most pigmented out of the fleet.

                           These pencils are made in Switzerland and has a shelf life of 2 years. Outer coloring is purplish blue with transparent purplish cap. The pencils are very creamy and hence would finish off very soon. Its easy to sharpen up the pencils with any sharpener (Lakme, Avon, Oriflame). Since the pencils are very creamy, the tips tend to break if I sharpen too much by mistake. Also I need to sharpen every time I want to use it because it goes blunt after a single use. This is 1 reason it will get used up very soon.

                            The lasting power is very good at around about 5 hours once it sets, though I disagree with the 7 hours claim. Also this 1 is smudge proof if you keep your eyelids hands free zones. I have oily lids and maybe that's the reason it doesn't stay for 7 hours but I think it may stay that long on girls with dry (non-oily) eyelids. But then when I set it with a similar color eye shadow, it crosses that 7 hours claim.I have never used on my waterline and so I cant say a word about the effects.

                             Taking it off is pretty easy, face wash and water is enough and ofcourse an eye makeup remover cleans it off with a single swipe. These pencils are creamy plus sticky so they stay on for long. But after the 5 hours they just fade off a little and doesn't smudge much. The good thing about these pencils is that they don't leave you with stark naked eyes.
Tip becomes blunt after single application

* Creamy so they glide on easily without tugging and pulling my lids

* Pigmentation is good enough though not superb

* Stays on for long- 5 hours and if set with shadow it stays on longer and smudge free

* Price is okayish taking into account eye pencils from other brands but wait for discounts and get it for cheap

* Very easy to take it off, face wash and water is enough

* Ingredients not listed

* Not available in the open market

                      I rate this Oriflame Eye Intensity Pencil 4.5 out of 5 (-.25 for breakage of tips while sharpening and -.25 for needing to sharpen every time I want to use it). This is 1 product from Oriflame I am totally in love with, must haves for all girls who can lay their hands on Oriflame products.


Gauri said...

Absolutely ♥ Intense Black, Navy Blue & Chestnut Brown. Will be soon buying them..

beautydiva said...

@gauri- swatch them as soon as you get them. Thanks :) you get them. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

i want to try the black one.

beautydiva said...

@kuheli- the black 1 is the best of all, now I regret not buying it along with these 2

Anonymous said...
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Oriflame Anywhere said...

hi i have eye intensity pencil in chestnut brown, charcoal grey and silver prune in just Rs. 185 limited stock only if need means contact me on Oriflame Anywhere

Oriflame Anywhere said...

For other Oriflame products means you can contact me @ Oriflame Anywhere

beautydiva said...

@oriflame anywhere- thank you for the info. Put this up in fb, it would help

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