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Sunday, July 17, 2011


250 ml for INR 149

Company Says:-


Active Ingredients:-


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My Opinion:-
                    Since a year or so I have taken a fancy to body lotions. So I have experimented with many different brands, and liked most of them. Lately I have started using Avon skin and body products as you all might know that Avon is 1 of my fave brands. A body lotion is necessary for maintaining the moisture of the skin. During the hot days we bathe 2-3 times so the requirement of a body cannot be denied.
                    My arms and legs are dry in the winters but during the summers the skin turns to kind of normal. I have by now got into this habit of applying a body lotion all over my body before retiring to bed at night, after taking a refreshing bath ofcourse. Last summer my HG body lotion was the NMFe Body Lotion but this year I have switched to Avon

                    The bottle is a combination of bright yellow and orange which I like very much. The fragrance sweet fruity but nowhere near papaya. It is a white light weight lotion with watery consistency. The texture of this lotion is thin but not runny. A little lotion goes a long way as it gets spreads easily on my skin without leaving any trace of greasiness.

                    Just 3-4 pumps are needed for the entire body so it will not finish off before 30-40 days. It moisturises my skin making it soft and silky but with the much hated oiliness. You don't have to wait for it to get absorbed for 15 mins because it blends into the skin immediately.

                   This body lotion is enriched with natural extracts of Papaya, milk and soybeans. It boosts of a lightening action of the skin which I have noticed to some extent but then it plumps up my skin and gives a healthy glow which is more important to me. Stays on all night through and in the morning I still get a little scent which is very refreshing.

Non-greasy non-sticky formula
Plumps up my skin
Whitening effect on my skin
Cheap :D
Keeps my skin moisturised
Fragrance is awesome

Doesn't contain sun protection
Contains Paraben

               I rate this body lotion 4.25 out of 5 (-.75 because it is without sun protection). I will surely repurchase this body lotion again and again as I am in love with. But then body lotions are flings not affairs for me ;)Also I am waiting to see how it behaves in the winters of Delhi :)


indianmakeupways said...

wow great review. too bad it doesn't have sunscreen, otherwise it would have been a winner

beautydiva said...

@anju- thanks dear, thats the only sun protection :(

Corallista said...

thanks fr reviewing. I tried the wild apple and grape one and it smells really nice, makes the skin soft too! Will try this next time :)

beautydiva said...

@corallista- you will love it. A great body lotion sans the sun protection. Thanks :)

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