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Thursday, July 14, 2011


                  All of us have heard about Fashion And You, I was was invited to join it by a friend about a year or so back. Since I was not comfortable with online shopping, I never gave it a try. But on the 11th of June I made a purchase of 2 Eye Palettes and 1 Lip Palette, got the confirmation immediately. I was so happy and I waited eagerly for my goodies. Nothing happened until I received the dispatch details of my goodies on the 23 rd June, and I was told in the mail that I would receive the parcel within 2-7 days. But I didn't receive the parcel till 10th of July and hence contacted the mentioned courier company and requested them to check the tracking no given to me by Fashion and You but the responded negatively. I felt so sad and shot a mail to the support team of FnY. They helped by responding immediately and I felt as ease. Funny that I received the parcel on the 13th of July but through a different courier company and not through the 1 FNY had mentioned in their mails :P Anyways I am happy to receive my Eye palettes in perfect condition but the sad part is I didn't receive the Lip Palette :( Although FNY people say that they will refund the amount within 72 hrs as on 12th July, am still waiting for the refund. Overall a nice online shopping experience inspite of the delay and minus the Lip Palette. Maybe I will grab it next time :D Now planning to order some Nyx goodies from Urban Touch later in the day :)

A few pics of my beloved haul :D


Gauri said...

♥ the post..

beautydiva said...

@gauri- thank you :)

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