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Saturday, July 16, 2011


50 gms for INR 249

Company Says:-

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My Opinion:- Summers call for sunblocks and till now I have never found my HG sunblock lotion :( Therefore, I keep trying different brands in the hope of getting my HG sunblock lotion. This time I tried Avon's Sun SPF 40 PA+++ Sunblock Lotion. This lotion contains SPF 40 which gives good protection and also PA+++ which also gives UVA protection. The PA rating are- PA+, PA++, PA+++ and the higher the '+' the higher is the protection from sunburn caused by UVA rays.

               The bright blue bottle is small and cute, it comes with a flip lid. It has a light texture though it is not runny or watery. But it is not thick also. It has a mild fragrance which I cant relate to anything. The fragrance doesn't stay on for long after application. The fragrance is not nauseating but I don't like it :( This lotion gets absorbed into the skin immediately without leaving the whitish cast most sunblocks do. A small blob of lotion is enough for the face and neck.

                Though this lotion is very light weight, it leaves my skin a little greasy. I have to dust my face with loose powder to decrease this oiliness but this trick doesn't work for more than an hour. Neither it broke me out nor did it irritate my skin but it made my skin a little more oilier than it used to be, during the course of its application. Another problem I had with this lotion is that it leaves my skin looking a little dark and makes me sweat more than I generally do.

¤ Contain SPF 40 PA+++
¤ Absorbs well into the skin
¤ Doesn't leave white cast on the skin
¤ Contains Aloe Vera
¤ I didn't broke out after using it
¤ No irritation/allergy experienced, good for sensitive skin

¤ 50 gms for Rs 249 is pricey
¤ Makes me sweat
¤ Not suitable for my oily skin as it adds to the greasiness
¤ Not waterproof

               I rate this product 3 out of 5. I would recommend it to girls with dry and sensitive skin. I will not repurchase this sunblock lotion again as it doesn't suit my oily skin.


Rakhshanda said...

so bad that it didn't work for you.

beautydiva said...

@rakhshanda- makes my face greasy :/ but works well on arms and legs. Thanks :) legs. Thanks :)

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