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Thursday, June 27, 2013

SVA to launch first of its kind Soursop health drink in India- PR INFO

~ Health lifestyle drink containing Soursop fruit with remarkable health benefits in dealing with lifestyle and healthcare diseases ~

Mumbai, June 2013: The prevalence of common illnesses in modern society owing to stress, work pressure and negative lifestyle habits such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, immunity deficiencies and severe ailments like cancer have always had a problem of being sufficiently addressed. Identifying the problem is Soursop Juice, a product line by SVA India under the MO fruit banner, introduced for the first time in India. The Juice made from the Soursop fruit, a seemingly miraculous fruit has the natural qualities for thwarting all prevailing lifestyle diseases and preventing illness. Intrigued by its nearly miraculous qualities, scientists conducted a whole range of tests on the Soursop fruit; finding the perceived benefits to be true, they submitted the research findings for the same.

Soursop has a vast repertoire of remarkable health benefits which help combat a variety of illnesses. The fruit helps fight general lifestyle ailments through its natural sedative properties for insomnia, rich fiber content treating bowel movement difficulties along with having anti diabetic properties which helps regulate blood sugar. The various health benefits of Soursop help to battle healthcare diseases through the annonaceous acetogenins compound found in the fruit which kills cancer cells, the fruit’s leaves relieve pain and inflammation, compounds reduce 
blood pressure controlling hypertension, iron which helps prevent anemia, moisture in the fruit fights UTI as well as large quantities of vitamin C which deals with cold, fever and migraines.

A natural, quality and affordable health drink with a flavor reminiscent of the combination of pineapple and strawberry, Soursop drinks are a great addition to leading a healthy lifestyle. Soursop Juice contains a 30% concentration of Soursop fruit and 2% concentration of Soursop leaves for additional nutrition, flavor and benefits. Soursop Juice is priced at Rs. 70 for a 200ml bottle; the juices will be available through the website, online health stores, chemists, pharmacies and will soon be available in various small and medium sized retail stores.

On the launch of his new product range Mr. Raghav Gupta, the Director of SVA India Ltd. commented,” Keeping in mind all the lifestyle ailments and harmful diseases in modern society, we are launching our Soursop Juice in India to help people fight diseases and achieve overall health. I am very excited to see the response our products will generate.”

About MO fruit: With an ever growing demand for healthier food products, SVA India Ltd. has introduced a range of fruit & nut bars, dried fruit pieces, juices, smoothies, fruits and desiccated coconuts. These products will provide healthier food options to the Indian market as well as develop a niche by offering flavors and quality that are unavailable in the market.


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