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Sunday, April 29, 2012


                         There are a variety of soaps available in the market today. Each claiming to be better than the other, through advertisements screaming from newspapers, magazines, TV etc. Shelves at stores are lined with different types of soaps, each more appealing than the other and claiming to produce a smooth and soft petal like complexion if used. But in older days women did not use soap on their face but they preferred using granulated cornmeal.
                           Granulated cornmeal is one of the most valuable skin cleansers. It never fails to cleanse the skin and stimulate its circulation. It removes all the surface dirt and waste matter and accelerates the circulation. When having a bath, generously sprinkle cornmeal on the face and body and then wash off with soap and water. When using cornmeal for the first few times, avoid vigorous rubbing, as the skin has to get accustomed to it. This cornmeal bath puts the skin in a splendid condition and gives it a fresh tone and firmness.

                              Every morning when washing the face, sprinkle a little cornmeal on a wet wash cloth and gently rub the face. This stimulates the pores, the nerves, muscles and increases circulation. It tends to increase the activity of the pores and enables them to eliminate the impurities and blackheads. Pimples too will lessen with each treatment. Cornmeal as a treatment for oily skin is marvelous.

                               If the skin is dry, put a few drops of coconut oil on the wash cloth and sprinkle the cornmeal on it. Then apply this to the face. It will soften the skin and the oil will be absorbed to a limited degree.

                                  Another valuable use of cornmeal is to give the hands a friction bath. When washing the hands, put some of the cornmeal in your wet and soapy palms and rub them well. This will remove any stains. If hands are dry, put a few drops of olive oil in the palms and sprinkle the cornmeal and rub well. This will soften the hands.

                                   Cornmeal is very beneficial as a dry shampoo and should be used once a week. To use as a shampoo, part the hair in various places, then sprinkle the cornmeal on the scalp and apply generously on the hair, spreading the hair out so the cornmeal remains on the scalp for 4-5 mins. Now rub the scalp until it feels all aglow, then take a small Turkish towel and rub the hair vigorously, then remove the cornmeal by thoroughly brushing the hair. After the cornmeal is removed, press the bristles of the brush on the scalp, push back and forth from side to side. Do not leave the brush but keep it pressed to the scalp. When done rightly the hair will not tangle. This treatment loosens the dead skin and dried oils and keeps the scalp clean and is excellent for hair.


Swati Murti said...

oh can one miss corn meal among the DIY's :D

beautydiva said...

@swati- yes.. true. i have tried it with good results, you too try it atleast once. thanks :D

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