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Friday, October 7, 2011


10 gms for INR 385

Company Says:-
* Upto 12x more volume in a single sweep
* Moulded applicator fine combs and seperates lashes for precise, super big, volumised lashes
* Thickening base coat and plumping color in one formula


To Use:- Place the wand of the mascara brush at the bottom of your upper lashes and wiggle back and forth. Repeat the action placing the wand on top of your lower lashes.

My Opinion:-
This is my first mascara from Avon though my first ever mascara was from Lakme/Oriflame. Mascaras makes the lashes longer and thicker without using falsies and am not a great fan of falsies :P Last month when I finished my third tube of Maybelline Collosal Volume Express Mascara (Waterproof version), I thought of trying Avon superShock Mascara as it was on sale and since I am a big fan of Avon products.

The packaging of the mascara is very basic and extremely boring kind. Its a black tube with silver writings and its a fat tube. It smells like most mascara does and the wand/brush is kind of made with flexible plastic bristles.

The brush is real big and this felicitates in coating all the lashes long or short. But a single coat does nothing much to my lashes. Therefore I have to apply atleast 3 coats for my lashes to look longer and thicker. Maybe the brush helps in separating the lashes well and there is no clumping as well.

Its color is intense black and its neither liquidy nor creamy but something in between. I have to curl my lashes before applying 2nd coat or it gives my lashes a flat and straight look which most girls including me dont like. But then it gives enough lenght and volume which I like very much.

This mascara is not waterproof but does not smudge/budge easily since if I keep my hands/fingers away from my eyes. But a little moisture can give raccoon eyes. The staying power is good enough and I can wash it off with a face wash and water, no eye makeup remover needed.

One thing I particularly dont like about this mascara is that it takes a couple of mins to dry and I have to wait with my eyes closed for it to dry. But if touch gently you will find it sticky-sticky though it wouldnt come off on your fingers, looks and feels like its still wet :P This seems to me as the reason for its non-flakiness.

* Affordable (better grab it when its on sale)

* Intense black

* Doesnt clump

* Doesnt smudge

* No flaking

* Adds length and volume to some extent

* Buildable

* Not waterproof

* Only black is available

* Wand/brush is quite big, takes a little practice to get the application right (not good for first time users)

* Lashes feel sticky after layered application

* If you touch with fingers, it smudges and gives racoon eyes (but thats not really a con)

I will rate it 3.75 out of 5. I like this mascara a lot but it cant beat my fave Mabelline Collosal Volume Express Mascara. I like my mascara to be waterproof taking into consideration Delhi ka mausam. I will try some other mascara from Avon or another brand instead of buying this one again. Well I would say that theres nothing shocking about this mascara, its an average Avon product.


pavani reddy said...

nice post girl!!

beautydiva said...

@pavani- thanks :)

Emm said...

Even I like Maybelline better:)

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beautydiva said...

@emm- maybelline sisters we are :D Thanks

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