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Thursday, October 6, 2011


5 ml for INR 45

Company Says:- Nothing as such

Ingredients:- Not listed

My Opinion:-
Most of you by now knows how mad I am about nail paints. When the Elle 18 Color Bombs was launched, I had much trouble in laying my hands on the products like most of you. I don't think there is till date no counter/shop with the entire range. Lastly when I got them, I was too sad not to get find the green nail pop anywhere. But I survived the heart break and a couple of months back I literally snatched the green nail pop from the SA when I spotted it.

This one is a gorgeous green, frosty with very very slight silver shimmer in it. The shimmer goes unnoticed when applied on nail, only its visible in the bottle if observed minutely. It is a medium frosty green with slight bluish undertones, a very cool color indeed. It is a fun color good for party wear and nail art. Absolutely not suitable for everyday/office wear.

The packaging is extremely attractive. The cute little round bottles look like perfume/ittar bottles :P The bottle is sturdy glass and about an inch in height. The black plastic lid is nearly 2 inches and the brush attached to it not the best quality I have come across but then I prefer to call it average.

It is easy to apply and two coats wear enough for full opacity. But for full intensity I prefer to apply a third coat for added glamor. The nail polish is thin but not watery and it doesn't take hours to dry. It did stay on my nails for 6 days and faded around the tips from 4th day onwards.

And yeah about the length of the brush, please see the pic and find out yourself. I don't want to say anything about this matter :)

* Lasted for 6 days without chipping but faded a little (I don't perform household work)
* Gorgeous green shade
* Said to be available in 48 shades but dont think anyone has seen all of them
* Easy to take off and easy to apply

* Dont think its DBP free and Toulene free
* Smell is on the stronger side, stays on for a day or two
* Most shades are not available in most shops/counters

I rate this nail pop 4 out of 5. I already have a few other shades from this range and I am happy with its variety and performance. Too much expectation from a nail paint costing only Rs 45 is a sin according to me>


ZatZ said...

the packaging is cute :)

Su said...

Wow, Elle 18 is still around? When it was launched, I was just entering my teens. I had their lipsticks and nail polishes and loved them! They started off at 18 Rupees each for both lipsticks and nail polishes. This was early 90's. Gosh, I feel old :D

beautydiva said...

@zatz- Yup looks very cute. Thanks :)

beautydiva said...

@su- these cuties are still around but they have been revamped though. Prices are still cheap and the range is colorful. Thanks :)

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