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Thursday, November 28, 2013


                             Hello everyone!!! It felt good this time when Vellvette sent out the bags earlier, I received mine last Tuesday. The contents of the bag too were nice, I mean better than the last couple of months. Last month I didn't take the pain to share the contents of my silly blue bag which included a silly blue & pink blush. Anyways coming to the contents of this months bag

Votre Pore Shrink Toner 50 ml
Thalgo Freshness Exfoliator 5 ml

Mua Power Pout- Full Size (Irreplacable)
Mary Kay Eye Liner Sampler- 2 (Noir)
Mary Kay Lip Liner Sampler- 1 (Plum)

Thank you and have a nice time ahead :)


Unknown said...

you got nice products.. I got Vetore and Thalgo products. Best was MUA lipstick

Followmanimatters said...

wow nice products you got this time. I had subscribed only for a month and last month products were depressing :(

beautydiva said...

@Shikha S- Agree with you dear, liked the mua lippie too. ty :)

beautydiva said...

@Manisha Manimatters- Last month i didnt even bother to post the pics here, that stupid blue blush :/ This time its an improvement. Ty :)

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