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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


                    The theme for day 8 is gradient, I used pinks for this theme- light, medium & dark. Gradient effect nails also known as Ombre effect nails are very tricky to create. But once you get the hang of it, you can create great looking nails. I am not good at this, still in the learning process and you will know that by seeing the pics below. Anyways, I tried hard and since I am running out of time now ( I am posting 8th day nail aet and today is the 21st of August). I am not happy with the result :(

Here is the pictorial of the nail art I created for today. Enjoy.....

Step 1- Two coats of white nail paint.

Step 2- A light pink is applied with a piece of sponge near the moons of the nails leaving a little white visible.

Step 3- Apply a medium pink nail paint with a piece of sponge on the middle of the nails overlapping the light pink.

Step 4- Add a dark pink on the tips of the nails with a piece of sponge overlapping the medium pink.

Step 5- A black line down the nail with a nail stripper brush.

Step 6- Three dots on each nail on both ends & middle of the black line.

Step 7- White dots placed over black dots.

Step 8- Pink dots placed over white dots, sealed with a top coat. Done!!!

Thank you all for bearing with me and do have a great day :)


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