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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash- PREVIEW

What are the causes of Acne? Oil, Pollution & Bacteria. This is a well known fact. But not taking the right measures to act on them is slowly becoming a fact too!  The helplessness of the situation and increasing frustration with no solution can lead to drastic results.
Skin Care’s front runner Garnier Pure Active took notice of this constant frustration and decided to take charge of these problems. The anger and the desperate need for a solution were shaped into a revolution with the launch of ‘Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash’. Garnier Pure Active chose Neem as the ultimate weapon due to its magical medicinal properties.

With the support of its fans, Garnier Pure Active has started the Neem Revolution to wage a war against the darned skin problems. The revolution lead by the mighty Neem focuses on three pimple causing elements. It fights Bacteria; it fights pollution and removes oil. The wonder plant Neem, with its green colour, gives the campaign a natural look which establishes a close association of nature with neem.
Along with the many activities such as I see Green – Which encourages users to upload pictures of green things around them, keeping in mind the green herbal nature of Neem, the revolution also focuses on something as basic as educating the users about Neem with the elegant Scroll of Neem.
Another highlight of the campaign is the fun and interactive game, ‘Neem The Mean Machine’. This truly gives you the feel of a revolution. The game allows you to shoot down bacteria, oil & pollution with the Neem tube as a weapon. So get ready to kill those miscreants with a true vengeance!

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