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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Good Morning everyone, today I have the herbal/natural way for those of us who are obsessed with skin whitening, here are a few recipes to help lighten skin tone.

* A paste made of sandalwood powder and rose water can be applied daily for good results.

* Turmeric paste combined with sandalwood paste/powder makes skin noticeably fairer.

* Cucumber juice alone or in combination with fuller's earth or gramflour is considered to be an excellent skin whitener.

* Coconut milk combined with equal quantity of cucumber juice is another great recipe for skin whitening. Apply this mixture as often as possible.

* Gently massage coconut water all over face and neck to lighten skin tone.

* De-seed and mash grapes, apply all over face and neck liberally. This helps to make skin much fairer.

* Almonds ground to a paste using milk or rose water is said to white skin.

* Make a paste using red sandalwood and rose water. This preparation not only whitens skin but also helps to fade away minor scars and blemishes from the skin.

Hope you all enjoy reading this post and share with us your personal fairness recipe. Thanks :)


M. said...

Morning:) I have tried the sandalwood and turmeric pack but I feel the turmeric makes me look yellow-er

beautydiva said...

@emm- a very good morning to you dear. Yes turmeric gives a yellowish tint to the skin. So better use at night before sleeping and dont forget to protect your pillow cover :P

Anonymous said...

hey dear.. i am 24 yr old girl..getting married in nov.
i wanted to know about a good uptan that i can apply on my body and face so that i can get rid of my tanning and a glow appears. plz help me dear

Skin lightening said...

The outermost layer of the skin contains a lot of dead skin cells which are already necessary in maintaining a healthy skin. Exfoliation process includes taking away those old and dead skin cells.It's great to know that there are natural ways of exfoliating the skin.

shravan said...

Thanks for the great info.
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