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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hello everyone, today I am too tired to post a review or something beauty related, so I thought of sharing my latest Avon haul with you all.

Here's everything I bought :D

Naturals Milk & Honey Nourishing Face Mask, Rs 119 (Rs 149)

Naturals Milk & Honey Nourishing Hand Cream, Rs 99 (Rs 149)

Naturals Milk & Honey Nourishing Lip Balm, Rs 69 (Rs 99)

Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction Lipsticks, Rs 375 (Buy 1 get 1 free)

Left- Fuschia Fever & Right- Red Kiss

Glimmersticks Liqui-Glide Eyeliner, only the Shade Hunter was available rest 3 were out of stock, Rs 199 (Rs 299)

Solutions am Total Radiance Day Cleanser, Rs 159 (Rs 229)

Solutions Cleanse Total Radiance Daily Scrub, Rs 229

Simply Pretty Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Rs 99

Anew Retroactive Repair Eye Serum, Rs 429

Now the swatches, from left to right- Fuschia Fever, Red Kisses, Hunter, Liquid eyeliner

That's all for now, Good Night :)


Anonymous said...

nice haul :)

Deepa said...

Nice Haul dear...

indianmakeupways said...

great haul

beautydiva said...

@Allaboutladies- thank you :)

beautydiva said...

@deepa- hauling avon prods has become a habbit now :P thanks :)

beautydiva said...

@anju- the lippies are great, glad I got them :D thanks :)

Gaynor said...

@deepa- hauling avon prods has become a habbit now :P thanks :)

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