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Monday, August 22, 2011

Seacret Direct- Minerals from the dead sea

About The Dead Sea

Discover . . . The Dead Sea

Cleopatra knew it.

King Herod knew it.

Hundreds of thousands of SEACRET™ customers have come to know it.

For thousands of years people have known of the power and of the mud and mineral salts of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is the lowest body of water on Earth, 1300 feet below sea level. It is also the world’s most saline body of water – so salty, in fact, that it is devoid of plant and animal life. (Hence the name, “Dead” Sea.) Yet it is also startling beautiful, with crystalline salt shores, deeply colored mud, and clear, blue waters.

And, it provides some of the most concentrated natural mineral salts and mineral-rich mud in the world. Minerals like Magnesium, Bromine, Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Zinc, Sulfur, Iodine, Strontium, Boron, and Iron, essential to the health of your skin. Minerals that are infused into every SEACRET? product we sell. . Minerals that help our products offer results our customers can see and feel.

Discover the Seacret for yourself today. Explore the pages of our website then contact us to discuss this unique opportunity to sell SEACRET™ products direct to consumers.

About The Company

Since 2005, SEACRET™has been delivering the highest-quality, most natural Dead Sea skincare products to consumers around the world. For a total of $500,000,000 in retail sales.

It’s incredible success and now, you can be a part of it.

SEACRET™ Direct offers another way to distribute Seacret’s high-quality, highly-effective skincare products to consumers across the United States.

For you, that means one of the most exciting home-based income opportunities available today. It’s an opportunity to do more than earn a living, but to build a lifestyle. It’s SEACRET™ your way. You set your hours. You choose who you market to. You choose how you market.

At the same time, we’re here to help. We have worked in both direct sales and cosmetics for several decades – so we’re well-equipped to help you succeed.

For more info regarding this company and its awesome products click here


Hungover on Fashion said...

I have used their nail care collection.. it's nice..

Anjelika said...

I have tried all the Blue line products and I can say I really love it.

Anjelika said...

The Mineral Mud is the best for me as it clean deep within the pore and pushes out all the excessive dirt.

beautydiva said...

@hof- ohh great to know...i never used anything from them.i never used anything from them.

beautydiva said...

@anjelika- am dying to try the prods. thanks :) nks :)

Nitika Bhatia said...

Hey !! nice blog you have !!Following u now !!

plz visit mine and follow if you like !! : )

beautydiva said...

@nitika- thank you so much. Sure I will visit your blog :)

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