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Thursday, January 30, 2014


                    Hello ladies, today I am back again with another nail art to continue with my Valentine's Day Series. Here I have a floral nail art, actually I haven't done one in ages. The flowers are basically heart-shaped and relate to the Valentine's Day theme.

So here is the pictorial of the nail art I created for today. Enjoy.....

First the products used for the mani, the nail paint and top coat both are from Revlon and only the base coat is from Rimmel.

Step 1- For the base coat today I have apply a coat of Rimmel Stronger Try Harder Double Duty Base Coat.

Step 2- After that I painted my nails with Revlon Top Speed Fast Drying Nail Enamel in 01 Sheer Cotton, two coats were enough.

Step 3- I painted on some leaves on all the nails with green, black, white & yellow acrylic colors.

Step 4- With the help of a toothpick I drew some pink, white and fuchsia hearts in and around the leaves randomly.

Step 5- Then I added dots on the bottom of each heart-shaped flower as seen in the pics.

Finally, I added a Revlon Top Coat to seal my piece of art and protect the design. Done!!!!

Thanks for bearing with me and have a great day ahead :)


Coral crue said...

wow! that's so artistic. lovely effort

Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

Wow, floral nail design is just amazing, very creative! Love it honey <3

beautydiva said...

@Coral Crue- Thank you very much :)

beautydiva said...

@Rakhshanda Rizvi- Thank you very much dear <3<3<3

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