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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I was invited to this show but sadly couldnt make it :(

Here are some images from the show "Dutch Fashion Here & Now India presents *DIED* & Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna / Suneet Varma & Jan Taminiau"!

* For their collaborative show, *DIED* made graphic designs on the fabric, which Rahul&Rohit then embroidered. So on the faces (evened out with ELLIS FAAS Skin Veil foundation, Concealer and Compact Powder) Ellis also drew black, graphic drawings using the black Creamy Eyes E103. On the lips is nude Milky Lips L209.

* For Rahul&Rohit's solo collection, Ellis kept the faces quite simple and fresh, in contrast with the graphic collaborative collection. So she just made an even skin with ELLIS FAAS Skin Veil foundation and Concealer, adding black Eyeliner E501 and a nude Milky Lips L209. As an understated special effect, she put Golden glitter over the right side of the face, adding shine on the edges of the models' faces. *DIED*'s solo was the same, but with a special mix of lipstick that is not in the ELLIS FAAS collection. And the face of their first girl was completely covered in Gold.

* For Jan Taminiau and Suneet Varma, Ellis decided on something with a strong, chic-tribal statement: having evened out with ELLIS FAAS Skin Veil foundation, Concealer and Compact Powder, she shaped the eyes with navy blue Creamy Eyes E113, varying with using it as a stain as well as a fully covering shade. She then shaded with the antique silver Light E301. The nude lip is Milky Lips L209.

Thank you and have a nice day :)


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