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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Clinically proven visible improvement for cracked and rough feet within 3 days.
Soft and Supple feet in 3 DAYS
Deep Moisturising * Non-greasy * Daily Care
20 gms for INR 40

Company Says:- Effective relief from dry, cracked heels and rough feet. Deep moisture for soft and smooth feet. Your feet take about 8000 steps everyday. The pressure exerted on your feet often exceeds your body weight. Also, about half a litre of moisture is lost through your feet every day, causing extreme dryness, loss of elasticity and damage to your skin. Yet, your feet remain the most neglected part of your body. Moisturising your feet regularly can help prevent these problems, keeping them soft and smooth. Himalaya FootCare Cream is an unique, daily-use, natural formulation that heals and softens excessively dry and rough feet, preventing cracks and helping protect feet from microbial infections. The gentle, yet effective combination of natural moisturisers provides an unique three-way deep moisturising effect, making your skin soft, increasing the natural moisture content and keeping your feet moisurized even during extensive exposure to the elements. Sal Tree extract has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric and Honey provide antiseptic and germicidal action, and Feenugreek helps heal cracks and relieve inflammation.
Use daily for soft, smooth, healthy feet.

My Opinion:-
The foot cream comes boxed with a paper flap shaped like a foot attached on top of that box. This cream from Himalaya Herbals is available in 2 sizes, unfortunately I got the smaller one but no problem with that. The white and orange plastic tube has a screw on green transparent lid.

The texture of this foot cream is soft and creamy and the consistency is that of a light cream. The cream is beige in color and gets absorbed very easily. I need a big blob for the entire foot and I like to massage it on my skin for a few seconds. This foot cream is very light and non greasy and spreads well on my skin.

I can safely carry this cream while travelling as it is a small tube and also the screw on lid is safe enough. The fragrance is a mixture of floral and herbal, which is pleasant and not very strong.

This cream has made my feet soft and smooth. I suppose it will be great for the summers as well. I can't really say much about the crack-healing claim because I donot have cracks on my heels. But this good foot cream gives adequate moisturization to my dry feet.


* Moisturises my feet well

* Roughness is gone, my feet are softer and smoother after regular usage

* Non-greasy formula makes it applicable for daytime

* Very cheap

* Gets absorbed very easily, spreads well too

* Natural ingredients like Sal, Honey, Fenugreek & Turmeric sounds very impressive


* A lot of product is needed for each application

I rate this Himalaya Herbals FootCare Cream 4.25 out of 5 (-0.75 because too much quantity is required for application on each foot). Its a good foot care product, a must try for all foot cream lovers. I love it and will keep coming back to this cream. I am on my third tube. Thank you for reading this post, have a great day ahead :)


Nivedita said...

I use it too. Luckily I don;t have any cracking problem. So don;t know much about that. But yes, it's a decent cream that makes the skin smooth

Lancy said...

Nice review beauty :) Just before few days I got this foot cream and started using it

Madhura said...

I have been using this for years now.
I have extremely dry foot which develops cracks very easily. trust me, this cream helps in healing in just a week.

beautydiva said...

@nivedita- agree with you, its a good foot cream and I like it a lot. Thank you :)

beautydiva said...

@lancy- you will love it, improves the overall condition of the feet. Thank you :)

beautydiva said...

@madhura- very positive comment regarding crack healing claim, as i donot have have cracks and could not write anything about it. Thank you very much :)

bfdf said...

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Bob Nelson said...

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