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Saturday, February 25, 2012


4.8 gms for INR 99

Avon Says:- * With the goodness of honey extract and milk protein that are known to nourish, this delicious lip balm will leave your lips instantly softer!  * Moisturises and softens dry lips.

To Use:- Apply liberally to lips and as often as needed.

Ingredients:- Milk Protein & Honey. Rest not listed.

My Opinion:- Lip balms are very essential for all of us, specially the ones with dry lips like mine. My lips are at their driest form in the harsh winters of Delhi/Gurgaon. Actually I need lip balms all throughout the year, light ones for the summers and heavy richer ones for the winters. This time I laid my hands on Avon's recently launched Naturals Milk & Honey Nourishing Lip Balm. In a single sentence the review would be '' awesome lip balm, girls grab it now'' :P

The packaging of this lip balm is very basic, twist up-down mechanism in a white& yellow plastic tube much like a lipstick and the white plastic cap click shuts tight. The cute and tiny tube makes it perfect to carry it in the purse or pocket as well. The fragrance is very yumm like white chocolate. Most people will love this mild scent which stays on for sometimes.

The texture is soft and it spreads easily, the consistency of this lip balm is rich creamy which gives good moisturization to my lips. It doesn't sit on top of my lips but penetrates deep to give nourishment. This lip balm is a colorless stick and adds no color to the lips. I use it as and when required.

                      I also apply this lip balm underneath my lipsticks and it actually increases the lasting time of the lippies. Does not bleed or smudge like some other lip balms, its not even messy when combined with lippies. Gives my lips moisture and seems to quench their thirst. My lips are soft and smooth this winter, thanks to this little baby.

                    Also this balm stays on for hours and needs reapplication only after full meals or cleaning up the mouth/lips. Applying it 4 times a day (including night time application) is more than enough. The only problem with this lip balm is that it doesn't contain Sun Protection.


* Highly moisturising

* After nearly 3 months of application, the tube has half of the product left

* Softened my dry/chapped lips

* Works well underneath lipsticks, does not feel messy

* Stays on for hours & does not vanish after some times

* It's not waxy but creamy and gets absorbed into the skin/lips

* Delicious fragrance & sweet taste :P


* Contains no Sun Protection

                I rate this Avon Naturals Milk & Honey Nourishing Lip Balm 4.75 out of 5 (-0.25 for only con I could think of). I got 3 of these right now, 1st in my purse, 2 nd on my bed-side table & 3rd on my office desk drawer. Hope that sums up my little love affair with this awesome lip balm. Girls please go and grab it, its an amazing little lip balm from Avon. Thank you for reading this post/review. Have a great weekend :D


Lancy said...

Seemsss yummy beauty :D :D Ll get this one

beautydiva said...

@lancy- go get it babe. Smells like white chocolate yummmmm. Loving it :D Thanks

Nivedita said...

I have tried the other variants, but not this one. From my previous experience apart from strawberry which I love, I absolutely hated the Aloe Vera and the Peach one. But since this is so nice, I guess I HAVE to get it soon :P
PS I am a lip product addict

manya said...

i loved strawberry n cherry a lot, others peach, lemon, aloe give horrible white cast :( this one does not give white cast???

beautydiva said...

@nivedita- I am a self confessed lip balm freak :P Yes i agree with you about the peach & aloe vera variants, they do nothing & just sit on top of my lips. But this one is highly moistirising and gives results from day 1. Get it girl, i promise you wont regret. Thank you :)

beautydiva said...

@manya- No dear no white cast from this one. I too love the strawberry but the rest, i don wanna comment also. Anyone with dry lips will love this. Truly a quality product from Avon. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a lip balm that will hydrate my lips really well. I have tried so many lip balms till now! I will give this one a try.

beautydiva said...

@pratmusings- go ahead, this lip balm will not disappoint you. Thanks

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