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Monday, December 10, 2012

2 Little Letters for Instant Perfect Skin Garnier ‘BB’ Cream, A Miracle Skin Perfector

Mumbai, December, 2012: Tired of lugging around a hundred different products for your skin or having to pick and prioritize the products most important to you? Leave it all behind as Garnier introduces the BB cream, Beauty Benefit Cream - an all in one daily moisturiser which is the perfect solution to all your skin care problems.  Everything you need for instantly perfect looking skin is now in one cream. The Garnier BB cream is a miracle skin perfector that gives you perfect skin – instantly!

Infused with the goodness of Vitamin C, Almond extracts and Brightening Minerals, the Garnier BB cream gives you a deeply moisturised and visibly radiant perfect look. Being an all in one skin care product the BB cream gives multiple skin care benefits like:
             Moisturisation  for  up to 8 hours
             Healthy glow
             Zero imperfections
             Sun protection with SPF 24
             Lasting Fairness

It’s time to make it your new perfect friend as Garnier BB cream is the first of its kind in the skin care segment in India and is priced atjust Rs. 99 for 18gm and Rs. 199 for 40gm.

Watch out for the new Garnier BB Cream ad with Deepika Padukone, coming soon to a TV channel near you.

About Garnier:
Garnier, the international expert, in skin care, hair care & hair color was established in India in 1991. Its endeavor is to bring to the Indian consumer new, different and better products relevant to their needs at an affordable price. Garnier uses active natural ingredients which have been carefully extracted to preserve their quality and purity. Products have been dermatologically tested to ensure respect to your skin.


Shehrzad Dastaan said...

thye say it might be too greasy for oily skin.i wish there was a good affordable bb cream fr oily skin too :(

Lady Sharpe said...

Is there any BB Cream with out SPF? I can't stand the smell that comes with SPF.

Reshmi V said...

This is good, will try it in a while. I have heard that Parachute has come out with new variant for dry skin called Advansed Deep Nourish body lotion. Will you be reviewing it anytime soon? Will be glad.

beautydiva said...

@shehrzad dastan- welcome to BDI and thanks for your comment. completely agree with you on this.

beautydiva said...

@lady shape- sorry i dont think there is one without spf. if anyone knows of a bb cream without spf then please suggest. thank you

beautydiva said...

@reshmi- yes the bb cream is working for my combi skin now but during summers i doubt its performance on my skin. i have taken note of the parachute body lotion and i hope to review it soon. thank you

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